There Will Be Ban On Beggars In Delhi Rehabilitation Scheme Of Beggars

There will be ban on beggars in Delhi, rehabilitation scheme of beggars

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New Delhi, 11 October (TNN). The Delhi government on Sunday held a meeting with various individuals and representatives of NGOs working in the field of rehabilitation of urban homeless beggars. In this meeting, the subject of preparing an action plan for the rehabilitation of beggars was discussed in detail. Representatives of Delhi Police, Delhi Correctional Shelter Board were also present at the meeting.

Social Welfare Minister of Delhi Rajendra Pal Gautam said, the meeting was held in Delhi on the subject of preparing a comprehensive action plan for the prevention of begging and rehabilitation of beggars. There is a need to create a socio-economic rehabilitation strategy for them and undertake a program of mass public awareness and educating the citizens.

The Social Welfare Minister appealed to all stakeholders related to the subject to adopt a practical model, so that one direction result oriented efforts can be made in the right way. Various stakeholders present in this meeting also expressed consensus that a better coordination between all government departments, institutions and citizens is required to eradicate this problem.

The Social Welfare Minister said, for successful rehabilitation of beggars, a survey needs to be done in a targeted manner. A comprehensive survey to determine the number of beggars in the capital is the need of the hour. The basis of this survey will pave the way for the solution of such a complex subject.

This type of survey will provide a basis for taking effective measures according to the needs of beggars and helpless and vulnerable people of different backgrounds, ages and classes.

According to the Delhi government, no one can solve the problem of beggars irrespective of social and economic reasons. All the stakeholders present in this meeting were unanimous that a new survey should be conducted to know the actual number of begging persons.

There should be a provision to collect information about different categories of beggars – age, class, background – in this survey. This will help in taking effective measures for rehabilitation of beggars. The subject of expected availability of standard guidelines was also taken into consideration. On the basis of all these measures, work will be possible in the direction of solving the problem effectively in the areas of beggar population.

Anurag Kundu, chairman of the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights, said, "A study was presented on the difficulties faced by children in the absence of information related to government welfare schemes, in which the children were told to take advantage of government projects in the absence of the required information." Remain deprived.