Girls Wrote A New Text In Mp During The Corona Period

Girls wrote a new text in MP during the Corona period

Girls Wrote A New Speech In The Corona Era In Mp 730X365

Bhopal, October 11 (TNN). Girls have not only fought a battle against Corona in Madhya Pradesh, but have also written a new text. While girls are engaged in awakening people on the one hand, on the other hand they are also helping the needy children.

On the occasion of International Girl Child Day, girls from different parts of the state gave the details of the challenging work done in the Corona era in a chalk talk webinar organized on social media. This was done by the Bevinar Child Protection Commission, the Child Rights Observatory and the UNICEF, a non-governmental organization advocating children.

Singrauli student Mahima and her teacher Usha Dubey told how they ran a library for the purpose of creating a craze for children to read during the Corona period and created a craze for reading stories from village to village, similarly to Datia Brij Panchal and Jyoti gave a detailed account of the awareness campaign launched by the people to fight against Corona.

Radhika, a student of class 12 in Shivpuri district, said that she provided books to the children during the Corona period and went to villages, and one week, she took classes and answered the children's questions and taught them. Palak Rajput in Timarni of Harda district worked to awaken the rights of the girl child and the evil practices prevailing in the society. In Rewa, Aastha Singh worked to teach poor children. Kranti Devi Kewat of Tikamgarh also launched a special campaign for the children of the returned laborers.

Children's Commission Brijesh Chauhan also took part in this webinar and told the story of the children as inspirational, and assured that the children will make every effort to help them whatever they need.

The webinar was coordinated by UNICEF communications expert Anil Gulati and said that special emphasis was needed on issues related to girls as they face many challenges. Nirmala Butch, former Chief Secretary and CRO of Madhya Pradesh, said that the work of the girl child shows how enthusiastic and doing good they are, the story of the girls tells that more than what they have told A better job would have been done, his efforts are inspiring to others.

The delegates participating in the Bevinar assured the girls that they are standing with them, efforts will be made to meet their every need and if any problem arises, it will also be diagnosed.