Up To March 2021 5 2 Crore Animals Will Be Geo Tagged

UP to March 2021, 5.2 crore animals will be Geo tagged

Up To 52 Million Animals To Be Live Tagged By March 2021 730X365

Lucknow, October 11 (TNN). About 5.2 crore cows and buffaloes will be geo-tagged by March 2021 in Uttar Pradesh. At the same time 13 million animals have already been tagged live. These animals include 66 lakh cows and 67 lakh buffalo.

Chief Secretary of Animal Husbandry Department, Bhuvnesh Kumar said, all cows and buffaloes will have a 12 digit Aadhaar card by March 2021. Uttar Pradesh will be the first state in the country to do so. This will not only stop cow slaughter, but will also prevent illegal transportation of animals.

He said that all animals will be identified by their age, length, ownership, breed etc. Even stray animals will also be tagged live.

If an owner ceases to take care of the animal, it can be found with the help of live tag and action can be taken against the person.

A yellow geotag will be placed on the animals, which will have a radio chip to track the animal's location. This will also keep a tab on the loss of crops by stray animals, as the owner of stray animals can be traced after the live tag and can also be fined.

Sources said that the objective of this effort is to improve the breed of cows and buffaloes and improve the ability of milk. Also, lost animals can now be easily discovered with the help of this.

The Chief Secretary said, the farmers will also get the opportunity to become cowherds by giving them space to keep stray animals. The government will provide Rs 900 per cow per month for direct cows through direct benefit transfer.

Gopalak will get additional income by selling milk, cow urine and cow dung.