Rural Will Become Self Reliant With Ownership Plan Modi

Rural will become self-reliant with ownership plan: Modi

Villagers Will Become Self Reliant Through Ownership Plan Modi 730X365

New Delhi, 11 October (TNN). Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that people living in rural areas will become self-sufficient through the ownership plan of the Center.

Modi inaugurated the Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improved Technology in Village Area (Proprietorship) scheme, under which physical distribution of property cards will be done. Addressing the nation on this occasion, Modi said, we will ensure that the property card reaches every village in the country.

He said that the property's record would add confidence to its owner and open new doors of investment.

The Prime Minister also said that the ownership plan would provide strength to the gram panchayats and promote easy management of lands in the villages.

The Prime Minister said, for decades, crores of families in villages had no home of their own. Today about two crore poor families have got pucca houses in the village.

Modi said that this plan will bring historical changes. He said, today you beneficiaries have the right, there is a valid document that your house belongs to you.

The Prime Minister said, from your property record, you will get a loan from the bank easily.

While communicating with the beneficiaries, he asked if there was any dispute in his land now, to which the beneficiaries replied as no.

The ownership plan was launched by the Prime Minister in April, so that the rural population could use their property as a financial resource and create a database of rural properties.