36 Hours In Savannah Things To Do And See

7 p.m. Hang out in midtown

While Savannah’s downtown gets a lot of (deserved!) attention, you’ll also find plenty of dining and nightlife options in midtown. Start at Starland Yard, a lively open-air food-truck park, complete with patio seating, a bar and the brick-and-mortar Vittoria, a Neapolitan-inspired pizzeria. Within walking distance, you’ll find late-night options like Two Tides Brewing Company and the Wormhole, a loud dive bar with local comedy nights. For a cozier venue, try the Black Rabbit, a small sandwich shop and pub selling beers, specialty cocktails and sandwiches (from $7 for a half and $14 for a full). The $10 cocktails have almost lyrical names: the Affectionate Reverence combines hibiscus-and-apricot-infused tequila with lemon and tops it with an egg-white-and-tempranillo float.

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