55 Yr Old Mike Haugabook Marries God Child … Days After Her 18th Birthday!!

55 Year Old Mike Haugabook Weds God Daughter … Days After Her 18th Birthday!!

A 55 year old man from Florida is going viral, after he wed his 18 year old god daughter, that he’s apparently understood given that she was a child.

Mike Haugabook wed Deyjah Evans this weekend, in a private event in Florida. Deyjah turned 18 last week.

In Florida, where the couple live, the legal age for consent/adulthood is 18. Here’s video of their wedding, and Deyjah discussing and protecting their wedding event and relationship:


Mike and Deyjah told Facebook that they will be” raising “their 4 kids together. It’s unclear how many of the kids are Deyjah’s (biologically), and whether any of them are biologically both Deyjah’s and Mike’s. Under Florida law, Deyjah was lawfully unable to consent to sexual relations with an adult male until she turned 18. However it’s not simply the age difference that has individuals disturbed with Deyjah

and Mike’s marital relationship. It’s also the truth that Mike is her God-father, and appears to have actually understood her given that she was a kid.


Deyjah’s mommy went on Live yesterday, and confirmed that the Florida 55 years of age has actually understood his brand-new partner given that she was a toddler. And an image (leading image above) started circulating online which purportedly reveals Mike and Deyjah welcoming when she was a young child. Deyjah’s mommy is NOT in support of the marital relationship. Deyjah’s mother- who is a recovering drug user-claims that she slept with Mike in the past, in exchange for a mobile phone and a “couple of dollars. “Listen: We do know for particular that Mike considered Deyjah his God daughter 4 years back, when he posted about the then troubled teenager fleing from her embraced home.Look: Lots of on social networks are declaring that Mike might have “groomed” his now 18 years of age god child. So far Mike has not described the timing of their relationship, nor has he

described to his followers when the newlyweds relationship altered from paternal to romantic … Published at Wed, 20 Oct 2021 09:35:27 -0500