7Th Pay Commission What Is Pay Matrix Now You Can Check Your Salary Progression

7th Pay Commission: What is Pay Matrix? Now you can check your salary progression

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7th Pay Commission: What is Pay Matrix?

The new system of 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix will replace the Grade Pay and Pay Band system in the service rule. The system has the potential to foresee an annual increase in the salary of the Central government employees. In other words, the matrix can give an idea about progression in the salary of employees at that particular level.

As many as 52 lakh central government employees will be covered under this Pay Matrix.

The Pay Commission is set up by the Centre to review the salary structure of its employees every 10 years. The commission uses the pay matrix to review and recommend changes in the pay structure. The commission holds a detailed discussion with the stakeholders and listens to their demands regarding salary increment, employee benefits, among other issues and introduce changes accordingly.

The 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix is the latest matrix that is available to decide the pay level of central government employee.

What is Pay matrix

Pay Matrix is a simple table that presents the salary structure of Central government employees. The pay structure is segregated into 18 different pay levels. The chart consists of columns that divide pay levels. The rows in the chart show increments in salary over the years up to 40 years in professional life.

The different pay levels are segregated and presented in the form of a comprehensible pay matrix. It makes it easier to get an idea of the current pay levels.

The chart also helps government employees to check their potential salary growth throughout the career.

Till date, the government has set up seven pay commissions to review the pay structure of its staff. The members of the commission are tasked to meet the stakeholders and discuss their demands.

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