AEW Double Or Nothing 2022 Results

Aew Double Or Nothing 2022 Results
AEW Double Or Nothing 2022 Results 7

The AEW DOUBLE OR NOTHing 2022 pay-per-view takes place on Thursday, May 17, in Las Vegas. The event will start at 7 p.m. ET and will feature a Buy In pre-show before the main event. Hook and Danhausen are set to defend their AEW title against Smart Mark Sterling and Tony Nese, respectively. The duo won by pinfall.

MJF vs Wardlow

Mjf V Wardlow | Aew Double Or Nothing, Live! Tonight On Ppv - Youtube
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The AEW double or nothing 2022 results for MJ F vs Wardlow went according to plan, despite a rocky start. During a lengthy pause, MJF left the ring and the crowd began chanting “f**k you,” “assh*le,” and “asshole!” Afterwards, Wardlow entered the ring and threw Wardlow to the canvas.

The match was booked in Las Vegas as AEW’s biggest event. It featured MJF and Wardlow’s former associate. As for Wardlow, the latter has been re-invited to AEW due to a new storyline contract. The fight was delayed, but the results were clear: MJF lost to Wardlow, who was dominated by Wardlow throughout. The former AEW champion landed over ten powerbombs in the bout.

MJF attacks Wardlow from behind and tries to land a sunset flip. The ref notices the diamond ring, which Wardlow drops on his knee. Afterwards, he catches a Powerbomb from Wardlow, but MJF manages to escape. Afterwards, MJF offers to shake his hand for double pay. After the match, the fans were not buying Wardlow’s excuse.

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Aew Double or Nothing 2022 has already produced many great wrestlers. Picking the “WWE Mount Rushmore” is never easy. Despite this, Wardlow’s moment seemed to be destined to happen tonight. However, after several hours of a long night, things seemed to be going differently. MJF vs Wardlow had its moments, but they were ruined by their opponents’ powerbombs.

After the match, the Salt of the Earth rolled outside the ring. During the second half, Mr. Mayhem tried to powerbomb MJF, but it failed and MJF bit his head. However, the Pinnacle leader tried to distract the referee by pulling out his Dynamite Diamond Ring. Afterward, Wardlow tried to pin MJF by using a DDT on him.

MJF bites his head

AEW Double or Nothing 2022 results: MJF catches the boos after coming out late to the pre-show. MJF was in a holding cell backstage when the music hit, absorbing the boos. AEW’s contract disputes with MJF are continuing to play out in the spotlight. While he was unable to show the pre-show on Saturday, he did show up for the opening match.

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MJF, surrounded by the ring, jumped in and out of the ring to avoid Wardlow’s attack. He then hit a powerbomb on Wardlow, but Wardlow was not affected by the move. Wardlow went for a rana, but MJF bit his head to break the hold. He also poked Wardlow in the eye and tried to get the brass ring. The referee broke up the match, and Wardlow went for a pinfall, but MJF got away with it by biting his head.

In AEW Double or Nothing 2022, the new champion was crowned. CM Punk defeated Adam Page in the main event, and the crowd was incredibly into the match. The crowd chanted “Cowboy Shit” and booed MJF and his team. The match was one of the best in the history of pro wrestling. The ending had a traumatic impact on CM Punk.

AEW tag team champions were crowned at the show. The two-man tag team Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus defended their titles against Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks. Jungle Boy won with a Jurassic Express powerbomb. After this, MJF was defeated by Christian Cage. The tag team champions will face Team Taz and Jungle Boy.

Wardlow hits a second Powerbomb

Wardlow Promises To Set A Powerbomb World Record On Mjf: &Quot;There Will Be A  World Record Set. I Am Looking To Powerbomb Him Until I Physically Cannot  Anymore.&Quot; : R/Squaredcircle

A double or nothing match is a great way to get a quick result on AEW, and this match was no exception. Wardlow obliterated MJF in the first match, hitting 10 powerbombs to pin her. Perhaps the squash match was a punishment for MJF’s threat to no show? The results are below.

AJ Styles’ title defense is not the hottest match on the card, but it is the most hyped bout on the card. Wardlow has been the mistreated heavy for MJF since the start of this year. He finally breaks free of that role and hits a second Powerbomb. Also on the card, Adam Cole and Samoa Joe will face each other in the Owen Hart Cup finals, and The Jericho Appreciation Society will face Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley, as well as Santana and Ortiz.

After the match, Wardlow slams MJF from behind, then lands multiple powerbombs to MJF. MJF tries to use his Dynamite Diamond Ring, but Wardlow hits a second Powerbomb to pin MJF to the canvas. Tony Schiavone, AEW General Manager, then congratulates Wardlow and the two former tag team members.

The match was a double title match. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus successfully defended their FTW Tag Team Championships, beating Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland. Luchasaurus pinned Christian Cage in the second match, hitting a Jurassic Express powerbomb on CM Punk. The match lasted nearly three hours.

Danhausen’s first AEW match

Danhausen Squashed In Aew Debut Match - What Happened Next?

Danhausen will make his AEW debut next year when he squares off with HOOKHausen. The AEW head honcho is excited to see how the two men get along. Danhausen has been trying to curse HOOK for weeks. He failed during his Dynamite debut match, but he tried again. He did something he’s since regretted.

It’s hard to tell which wrestler is the best. I’m unsure if Danhausen has any potential to be a big star in the company. The match was fast-paced, and both challengers were fantastic. AEW is still developing its women’s division, so I’m excited to see what they do. For now, I’ll be sticking with the top contenders for now.

Hook and Nese start the match, and Danhausen tags Nese in. Nese applies a side headlock and leapfrogs over Danhausen, who ducks out. Nese then tags in Sterling, and the two grapple in the ring. Nese then goes for the leg drop, but Danhausen evades the suplex. Nese then goes for a ground-pound attack on Danhausen, but Sterling hits a hurricanrana that leaves Danhausen stunned.

After a slow build, AEW has been able to increase the quality of their live events. In 2022, the venue has changed from MGM GRAND to the T-MOBILE ARENA, and AEW has announced a pre-show match. A stacked card will be presented at AEW Double Or Nothing. And the main event is one of the best AEW events of all time.

Punk and Danhausen have had a friendship for a while, and Danhausen calls him Pepsi-Man. The two have assisted each other throughout the years, and Danhausen recently suffered an injury that he is still recovering from. If he does make it out to the main event, he’ll probably be the most sought-after opponent on the AEW roster.

AEW Women’s World Championship match

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The AEW promotion has confirmed that an AEW Women’s World Championship match will be featured on their Double or Nothing 2022 pay-per-view event. Thunder Rosa, who currently holds the AEW Women’s Championship, has already received a challenger for her title. She’s now in the number one contender spot, thanks to her recent victory over Hikaru Shida in a street fight in Philadelphia.

AEW announced this pairing just two weeks ago, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Both Starks and Swerve have charisma and are capable of bringing some serious competition to the ring. They’re the perfect team for this match. The AEW Women’s World Championship match is the third-ever for both women. The women’s division is a growing one, and it’s only natural to expect big things from both of them.

AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view will air on Sunday, May 29, live at 8 p.m. ET from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Bleacher Report will stream the event for $50. It’s available on several platforms, including IOS, Android, Roku, and Xbox One. It’s also available on Netflix, and on the AEW website.

The AEW Women’s World Championship is the premier title for women in All Elite Wrestling. The first women’s AEW World Championship match was held in June of 2019, and Riho became the first champion. The current champion is Thunder Rosa. Since then, the tournament has produced five champions: Hikaru Shida, Riho, and Nyla Rose. The champions have had five reigns in the AEW Women’s World Championship. Hikaru Shida’s reign is the longest at 372 days, while Rose’s reign is the shortest, at 101 days. Riho was the youngest champion at 22 years, while Rose is the oldest champion at 37.