Alwar rape case: 10 concerns before Rajasthan Police over investigation

Alwar Rape Case: 10 Concerns Before Rajasthan Police Over Investigation
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Alwar rape case: 10 concerns before Rajasthan Police over investigation: The small girl was discovered depending on a swimming pool of blood under a bridge in Rajasthan’s Alwar on January 11.

The lady had severe injuries on her private parts. The Rajasthan Police has stated there is no confirmation that the mentally-challenged woman was raped.

The cops made the declaration on the basis of a medical report prepared by a team of physicians in Jaipur.However, the cops statement raises some questions over the investigation into the Alwar rape case. Here are the 10 concerns before the Rajasthan Authorities:

1. The police said there was no verification of rape as the girl’s personal parts were undamaged. Then why were the medical professionals saying there were major injuries in private parts?

2. 3 days ago, Alwar SP said it was a case of rape. However, the doctor who treated the victim in Alwar stated it was a vaginal injury.

3. If it is an accident, then why is the injury just on the woman’s personal parts?

4. The FSL team said that the lady was thrown from an overbridge. Who tossed the woman from the vehicle?

5 . If it is not rape, then how did the lady get injured ?Read|Alwar case: Rajasthan Cops stops BJP delegation from meeting Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

6. What occurred to the material showing rape from the scene?

7. On whether the victim’s clothing were torn or not, why the authorities are stating that the examination is going on?

8. Informing technical aspects of declining rape however not denying rape, whatdoes it mean?

9. Why the authorities are not telling how the girl reached under the overbridge?

10. Without completing the investigation and getting the final report of the medical group, why did the authorities very first release the CCTV footage and then hold the press conference without rejecting the rape.The minor girl was found lying on a bridge near Tijara Fatak in Alwar on the night of January

11. She was bleeding and was admitted to the district medical facility. Later on, she was described the JK Lone Hospital in Jaipur.According to medical professionals, her rectum was displaced.

The victim underwent a two-and-a-half-hour surgery.Earlier, the authorities said it seemed a case of rape but maintained that anything conclusive could just be said after the report of the medical jurist was out.Watch|Alwar rape case exposes Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Congress’s hypocrisy: BJP Released at Sat, 15 Jan 2022 02:25:08 -0500

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