Amole Gupte An Extremely Effortless Actor Parineeti Chopra

Amole Gupte an ‘extremely effortless actor’: Parineeti Chopra

Amole Gupte An 'Extremely Effortless Actor': Parineeti Chopra

Amole Gupte an ‘extremely effortless actor’: Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra said playing badminton champion Saina Nehwal in the biopic “Saina” became a somewhat easy job because the film’s director Amole Gupte is an effortless actor, too.

“I think Amole sir is an extremely effortless actor and during the shooting of Saina, I learnt so much of minimalism in performance. He really taught me how less is more in acting, how just by staying silent, little movements of eyes can depict how an individual is screaming from inside,” Parineeti told IANS.

“Since Amole sir loves children and has worked with them closely, I think he just knows how to extract a performance from an actor. Being a director who is an actor too, there were times he would perform a scene to explain. He could act a very intense scene slowly with a layered performance and it just left me wondering when did the acting start! I really learn the impact of minimalism in our actions because of Amole sir,” she added.

The story of the film revolves around Nehwal’s journey from her childhood, being born in a humble family, and how she went on to become the first female Indian badminton player to hold the world number one rank.

“I got to know the story behind her success. Through all the interviews and matches we have watched on TV, we know of her success but why she made her face the way she does, her movements, how she strategises as a player, and how her family compromised so much to stand by Saina — I got to know these things because I did the film. It is interesting that once you know the story behind the success of a star like Saina, it gives you joy and impacts you intensely,” said Parineeti.

“Saina” also features Manav Kaul, Meghna Malik, Subhrajyoti Barat and Ankur Vikal.

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