Anushka Sharma Cant Imagine Herself Without Her Production Ventures Nh10 Bulbbul Paatal Lok Heres Why

Anushka Sharma can’t imagine herself without her production ventures NH10, Bulbbul, Paatal Lok. Here’s why

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma can’t imagine herself without her production ventures NH10, Bulbbul, Paatal Lok

Actress Anushka Sharma says today she cannot imagine herself without her production ventures such as NH10, Pari, Phillauri, Bulbbul, Paatal Lok. “I was told by many that I should concentrate on my film career and not get distracted by production. Today, I can’t imagine myself without NH10, Pari, Phillauri, Bulbbul, Paatal Lok and the exciting projects that lie ahead,” Anushka said. She added: “The journey started with NH10 and while it started with a bang, I can tell you that I was a clueless producer”.

Anushka says she was young, and that she had to really “take time out to understand the ropes of production”.

She added: “I’m thankful that I had my brother Karnesh (Ssharma) who shared my vision and passion of giving clutter-breaking content to audiences. I had a head full of dreams and my brother really fanned my thoughts and brought his strong content sensibilities to the fore. We were and are a great team.”

Anushka was just 25 when she decided to take the step.

“I’m glad I took the punt at 25 and if I have been able to change the discourse of being a female producer in town who is always looking to be disruptive, I consider myself fortunate,” she said.

Anushka added that her film “NH10” was an attempt to break-away from stereotyped cinema, stereotyped films with women protagonists, and wow audiences.

She said: “NH10 was a necessary film to shake things up for actresses. NH10 showed how a woman can fight to survive, can stand up for herself. I’m glad I became a producer with an important film in our cinematic history.”

The actress, who just welcomed her daughter Vamika with her cricketer husband Virat Kohli, is glad that she chose to be an actor-producer and considers herself lucky that she was successful doing both.

She added: “It definitely helped in showing our industry that actresses are not unidimensional. It was an important step to change the narrative in our industry.”

Article fetched from India TV(All rights reserved)