AP opposes Indian Ports Expense, states it takes away state powers


VIJAYAWADA: The Andhra Pradesh federal government has challenged certain arrangements of the proposed Indian Ports Act, 2020, modification costs mooted by the Union Ministry of Shipping at a virtual conference of the Maritime State Development Council held on Thursday.

Industries minister Mekapati Goutham Reddy, who went to the virtual fulfill chaired by shipping minister Mansukh L Mandaviya, communicated the AP government’s objection to the proposed port costs, stating its provisions went against the Constitution.

“We support the kindness and choices taken by the Centre. However we told them that they can not remove our rights. The power of guidance and control over the ports is vested in the state federal governments. We need to study the draft expense and looked for one month’s time for this to provide our views. A committee will be selected to study the provisions,” the minister stated in a declaration.

The minister made it clear that the Indian Ports Bill-2020 is welcome just if the Centre accepted some modifications. The AP judiciary department is reviewing the draft costs.

Goutham Reddy stated the costs offers the establishing of a Maritime Port Regulatory Authority for 160 minor ports in the country. “As per the same Act, 13 major ports have 13 regulatory authorities. This increased discrimination between small and major ports. Thus, as in the case of significant ports, each state should delegate the powers of Maritime Port Regulatory Authority to the respective State Maritime Boards,” he said.

He stated the main government needs to not interfere in the regulatory obligations of minor ports. Rather, state governments should be empowered to manage ports.

“In order to take the economy of the states forward, the role of ports within those states is essential. This is because only states provide the crucial infrastructure and land allowance for minor ports. If the ports are centrally managed, the particular states will lose the right and opportunity to move on in the economic sphere,” he said.

Released at Fri, 25 Jun 2021 01:38:08 +0000