Ariyan Mehedi’s new song ‘Mone Pore Tomay Bare Bar’ is all about love and heartbreak

Ariyan Mehedi has sung some of the best songs about heartbreak. “‘Mone Pore Tomay Bare Bar”’ describes the true emotions of love and friendship.

Ariyan Mehedi’s soulful voice rendition. Every sad song of the ‘heartbreak prince’ is so close to the hearts of his fans and admirers.

And, the latest track is no different. Ariyan Mehedi sung the song featuring Ahmed Shobuj, tells a story of love and heartbreak.

Mone Pore Tomay Bare Bar
Ariyan Mehedi

And, after one listen to this, we know it is yet another masterpiece from the tranquilizing singer.

The devastating track has won plenty of hearts already and is one of most popular songs of Ariyan Mehedi.

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