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Bassist Weiners Performs with The Rockin’1000

Bassist Weiners Performs with The Rockin’1000

(Turin Italy) The Rockin’1000, the greatest band in the world and recently had gathered in Turin, Italy to record the European Song Contest spot. For Fabio Gallozzi, better known as Weiners, it was the event of a lifetime.

Bassist Weiners Performs With The Rockin’1000

Born in Naples in 1983, he first learned to play the electric bass guitar at the age of 14. Within the year, he was playing with local bands in Naples. His curiosity piqued, he started to compose his own music, exploring a variety of styles from rock and pop to blues and jazz.

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“I was inspired by the genius and unpredictability of Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, and Francis Hylton. I decided to be an “essential” bassist at the service of the band,” he explained.

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It was this passion that has driven him to join the Rockin’1000. Here, Weiners was part of a spectacular event in the center of the Piazza San Carlo. The organizers of the event wanted it to showcase the strength of music. Music, they realized, can reach the whole world from a square in Italy, and unite those who were present and around the world.

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To connect or learn more about Weiners, visit his website www.weiners.it or his Instagram account @weiners_bass. Looking to listen to his amazing style, Check his YouTube channel weiners bass player.