Bengal’s dole politics will not solve poverty, joblessness: Ashok Lahiri


KOLKATA: Noted economist and BJP’s Balurghat MLA Ashok Lahiri on Monday stated that the dole politics pursued by the West Bengal federal government will not pull the state out of hardship and joblessness. The former chief financial consultant to the Federal government of India has also said that the claim of the state government to have the 7.16 percent development in regards to per capita earnings may not be true if compared at constant costs.
“The finance minister of the state has actually explained that in regards to per capita earnings West Bengal has actually grown by 7.16 percent in 2020-21. I congratulate the state for the accomplishment. But, he (state financing minister Amit Mitra) must likewise keep in mind that the 7.16 per cent development is measured at the existing prices. If we determine it by consistent prices (of 2011-12) the growth is just 0.67 per cent,” Lahiri stated.
Lahiri likewise argued that the state’s performance must be compared to the industrialized states like Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Haryana. “Bengal has actually fared well in contrast to these states. However there is nothing unexpected because. Financial year 2020-21 was exceptional due to the pandemic. During the duration, the supply chain had collapsed, commercial production was down and migrant employees went back home. The more industrialised states were naturally struck hard,” he included.
Lahiri noted that the state’s rank in terms of per capita earnings has actually boiled down from amongst the top 10 in 1980 to 20 in 2019-20– put just ahead of Nagaland.
Pointing at the other hand of the dole politics, he stated that West Bengal government has actually boosted welfare schemes to increase the need. “But we have to see if that need is being met by the developed states (instead of domestic supply). Government can continue offering dole, but that will not pull the state out of hardship and joblessness,” he said.

Released at Mon, 04 Oct 2021 19:34:04 -0500