Chandrasekhar Rally Of Bhim Army In Bulandshahar Today

Chandrasekhar rally of Bhim Army in Bulandshahar today

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Bulandshahr, October 25 (IANS) Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar will begin his campaign for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh by-election by addressing a rally in Bulandshahr on Sunday with the support of his candidate Haji Yameen.

With this rally, Bhima Army will mark the electoral debut in Uttar Pradesh. Significantly, this party has emerged as a force among the Dalits in the state.

More than 20,000 supporters are expected to attend the rally at Numaish Maidan.

The Bhim Army activists are appealing for door-to-door campaign to garner support and ensure mass attendance at the rally.

The Bulandshahar seat was held by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Virendra Sirohi. However, this seat is vacant after his death in March.

The BJP has fielded Usha Sirohi, the wife of the late MLA, while the Rashtriya Lok Dal-Samajwadi Party has announced the name of joint candidate Praveen Kumar.

Bahujan Samaj Party has fielded Shamsuddin Rayan, while Congress candidate Sushil Chaudhary.

This by-election will be held on November 3 for seven seats.

Chandrasekhar had already announced that his party would enter politics under the name of Azad Samaj Party, while Bhima would continue to function as an army organization.

He recently visited Bihar, where he aligned with Pappu Yadav's Jan Adhikar Party and was seen campaigning.