Congress war tired, torn apart by infighting: TMC mouth piece


KOLKATA: In an escalation of the war of words between TMC and the Congress, Mamata Banerjee’s party on Wednesday declared that it is now the “real Congress” provided the reality that the “war tired” grand old party has actually failed to perform its role as the main opposition to BJP.
The Congress rapidly struck back implicating TMC of being a “stooge of BJP” and challenged it to prove its credentials on a “pan India” platform.
TMC, which is engaged in a war of words with the Congress over the concern of opposition front management, iterated in its mouth piece ‘Jago Bangla’ that it is dedicated to eliminating BJP.
“Congress is incapable of continuing the baton of the principal opposition,” the short article in ‘Jago Bangla’ stated and shared details of TMC national basic secretary Abhishek Banerjee’s meeting with the party MPs in New Delhi on Tuesday, where he spoke about the camp’s objective to broaden in other states.
“The Congress was expected to stop the BJP juggernaut. It is the main opposition celebration at the Centre. It is, however, indifferent, war weary, strained, torn apart by infighting and factionalism. But time does not wait on any person; someone needs to step forward. The TMC will satisfy that obligation. It is the genuine Congress,” it said.
The editorial piece stated that TMC wishes to take along everybody as it marches ahead to create a united opposition.
According to Bengal’s ruling camp leaders, Abhishek Banerjee in his meeting with TMC MPs had rubbished accusations that the celebration was attempting to drive a wedge in the opposition as “baseless”.
“Our leader Abhishek Banerjee has said that the celebration will continue to expand in other states. The Congress and CPM had actually battled versus TMC in the last assembly surveys and indirectly assisted BJP. So if that wasn’t a spanner in the opposition unity, how come TMC’s expansion in other states is a problem?” a senior TMC MP sought to know.
Reacting to the editorial, senior Congress leader Shuvankar Sarkar challenged TMC to prove its credentials on a pan India platform.
“The TMC has actually managed to change Congress in Bengal due to our lacunae and with the true blessings of a few of the main leaders. But to reproduce it at the nationwide level is far from reality. Congress still commands a 20 per cent vote share across the country. The TMC has simply 4 per cent. Let it very first show its credentials nationally and then dream huge,” he said.
“We think it is BJP that has hatched the conspiracy in addition to TMC to undermine us (Cong). The TMC to protect its leaders from CBI and the Enforcement Directorate, has signed up with hands with the saffron camp. The nexus will quickly be exposed,” he said.
The TMC leadership blamed Congress for its “drab approach” in combating the BJP.
“The Congress is not severe in battling BJP. It has an indifferent method. Our celebration supremo Mamata Banerjee proposed the setting up a joint steering committee, however absolutely nothing moved. We never stated we desire an opposition alliance without Congress. However if it wishes to sit idle, we can’t be blamed,” TMC state general secretary Kunal Ghosh said.
The TMC, which is trying to make inroads in the political landscapes of other states, has actually been up in arms against Congress over its alleged failure to counter the BJP.
In its quote to get in Tripura’s political arena in a big way, TMC recently engaged in a bitter fight with the BJP throughout the municipal election there. It is likewise getting ready to object to the assembly poll in Goa to pitch Mamata Banerjee firmly as the primary anti-BJP voice.
In a massive shock to Congress in Meghalaya, 12 of its 17 MLAs led by former primary minister Mukul Sangma, just recently joined TMC.
TMC also stated it is “indifferent” in collaborating with the Congress throughout the winter session of Parliament and does not desire to play 2nd fiddle to the grand old celebration.
In October Banerjee’s party had taken a dig at Rahul Gandhi’s defeat at Amethi in the 2019 Lok Sabha survey and wondered whether the Congress could remove it through a Twitter pattern.
The ties in between the Congress and the TMC was additional strained after ‘Jago Bangla’ in one of its articles asserted that Banerjee and not Rahul Gandhi has actually become the face of the opposition versus Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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