Deshbhakti Budget Aap Govt To Open Delhis First Sainik School Events To Marks 75Th Year Of Independence

‘Deshbhakti Budget’: AAP govt to open Delhi’s first Sainik School, events to marks 75th year of independence

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AAP govt to open Delhi’s first Sainik School

Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday said that the city government has decided to celebrate 75th Independence Day in a big manner. While presenting Budget 2021-22 in Assembly, Sisodia said that the government will hold programmes for 75 weeks starting March 12 to mark the 75th year of independence and put up flags at 500 spots across the national capital.

“Today, I present this ‘Deshbhakti Budget’ in view of the Centre’s celebrations of India’s 75 years of independence with 75 weeks as ‘Deshbhakti Mahotsav’ starting on March 12. This Budget will focus on India’s 75 as well as 100 years of independence,” he said, adding that events will also be organised to honour Bhagat Singh.

The budget also proposed to open ‘Sainik School’ in Delhi and promote yoga on a wide scale in the city. “Delhi will have its first Sainik School alongside Delhi Armed Forces preparatory academy where besides regular studies, students will be acquainted with NDA coaching,” the deputy CM, who also holds the Finance portfolio, said.

Sisodia said that the government intends to increase city’s per capita income to Singapore’s level by 2047.

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