Dharani to have brand-new modules quickly to keep information accurate

Dharani to have new modules quickly to keep information precise


HYDERABAD: The state government will quickly present brand-new modules in Dharani to resolve important concerns like incorrect entries of names or the very ownership and the level of the land.

Chief secretary Somesh Kumar is stated to have been finalising the modules and will approach the state Cabinet really quickly for the approval. Sources informed this paper that physical confirmation, a practice that has been done without the launch of Dharani, will be reintroduced and synchronised with the digital initiative.

“Major difference from the previous practice is that the power of making modifications in the records which were earlier performed by the village income officers according to their whims and fancies will be delegated to the district collector,” stated a senior authorities.

Based on the brand-new module, individuals shall obtain the needed changes submitting all the supporting files. The designated authorities will issue notices to all the celebrations concerned and hold a comprehensive query before sending last procedures to the district collector who in turn will effect the changes.

“There were several grievances about missing out on extent in Dharani in contrast to the physical records. The authorities found that the problem emerged throughout the data purification released by the state federal government before the switch over to the digital effort. Some landowners, primarily the non-resident Indians, could not cross-check the information and missed out on the omissions by the regional revenue staff. We will gradually resolve this problem likewise,” stated an official.

On the other hand, the drop in the variety of problems gotten by the Dharani throughout the state has been providing relief to the authorities. While Dharani was flooded with 4,000 to 5,000 grievances on an average every day, the number came down to 1,500-1,800 in the recent past.

The unique drive for suo-motu removal of entries from the restricted list by the district profits authorities also yielded outcomes, according to authorities. In case of any lawsuit over a piece of land in a study number, the whole land because particular survey number was consisted of in the forbidden list in Dharani. As an outcome, either brand-new transactions or transfer of ownership for the transactions that were already made might not be processed. The federal government released suo-motu removal of indisputable residential or commercial properties from the forbidden list two weeks ago.

Released at Wed, 08 Dec 2021 11:44:37 -0600