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Digicurex Services Offers Cash Against The Crypto Assets

Summary: Digicurex Services changes the way people invest in cryptocurrency. Now, people can get cash offerings back on their crypto assets.

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December 3, 2021, India:

Digicurex Services is a Kolkata-based cryptocurrency exchange operating PAN India. The cryptocurrency platform provides cash in exchange for the client’s crypto holdings. Moreover, the firm has partnered with the leading banks across the country to facilitate investor access to traditional fiat currency by exchanging cryptos like Bitcoin.

Since cryptocurrency is in grey area in India, the company checks customers’ backgrounds and does KYC before exchanging crypto with cash. It also helps them prevent illegal activities like terror funding and money laundering.

In the words of Mr. Rusil Sarkar, the Head of Business at Digicurex Services, “We are into the market of crypto to cash business. We are the only India-based business entity providing cash services. You can take the cash exchanging your crypto assets.”

Digicurex Services was established in June 2017, and from that time until now, it has served more than 4,000 customers and has catered to more than 10,000 requests of exchanging the potential being with the cash value. The company has traded the cryptos valued at over $25 million, which stands at 187 crores in the Indian currency. It shows that the platform has some substantial returns in offering to the customers.

Digicurex Services takes pride in being the only entity offering cash in exchange for the cryptos. No other cryptocurrency exchange platform in India has achieved that feat, as many platforms just provide digital payments that may create problems for a few investors.

So, the people looking forward to a reputable and thriving crypto cash business can reach out to representatives here at Digicurex Services. This kind of revolution in the domestic crypto market will help clients control their crypto investments and get fair returns back.

About Digicurex Services

Digicurex Services is a cryptocurrency exchange established in 2017 in Kolkata, India. The company offers cash access to crypto holders in place of their cryptocurrency assets. People who are looking forward to getting their cash quickly and in paper-based form can reach out to them at http://www.digicurex.in/

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