Drake Fires Shots At Kanye West; Claims He '' F ** KED ' Kim Kardashian As ' Vengeance '!


Rap super star Drake seems firing a double barrel shotgun at Kanye West, MTO News has actually discovered. Social media believes that Drake is claiming that he f ** ked Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian.< aside class="m-in-content-ad-row l-inline not-size-b not-size-c not-size-d"


> And Drake is being extra savage with his alleged claim. According to Drake, Kim truly”wasn’t his type.”Drake appears to recommend in the track that he had relations with Kanye’s partner-just to

get vengeance versus Kanye, who he’s been feuding with for many years. Drake’s accusations began a new track with French Montana that is set up to be launched on Drake’s upcoming album later this summertime, MTO News has found out.

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On the brand-new tune Drake speak about beef with “a rapper” whom he doesn’t call specifically, however it’s hypothesized to be Kanye. Drake is likewise heard saying “f ** k a rap artists spouse she ain’t even my type but I’ll make a sacrifice.”

Drake and Kanye have been low crucial beefing for the last number of years – off and on.

So far neither Kanye nor Kim Kardashian have reacted to the track.

Listen here:


Published at Mon, 21 Jun 2021 13:24:15 +0000