Fuel Prices Skyrocket! Petrol Costlier By 29P, Diesel By 35P For 4Th Straight Day | Check Revised Ra
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Fuel prices skyrocket! Petrol costlier by 29p, diesel by 35p for 4th straight day | Check revised rate

Petrol and diesel prices extended gains on Friday with pump prices rising by 29 paisa and 35 paisa per litre, respectively in the national capital.

With this increase, it is for the fourth consecutive day this week that petrol prices has gone up in Delhi and is now Rs 88.14 a litre and diesel Rs 78.38 a litre .

Across the country as well, the petrol prices increase within the 25-30 paisa per litre range, while diesel between 30-35 paisa per litre — depending on the level of local taxes on the two petroleum products.

The increase on Friday has followed the firming of global crude oil prices that have remained close to $61 a barrel mark. The pump prices of petrol and diesel have now reached new highs across the country.

The current price rise is largely on account of steep increase in central taxes of petrol and diesel and firm crude prices. The budget has also imposed a new agriculture infrastructure and development cess. Oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan has ruled out any cut in duty on petro products.

Though firming of global crude and product price is the reason for the increase in the retail prices of petrol and diesel, it is interesting to note that even though crude has been hovering just over $55 a barrel for a long time, OMCs had gone in for both a pause in price of auto fuels as well increase in its retail prices on consecutive days.

Crude price have remained firm for last few weeks in wake of unilateral production cuts announced by Saudi Arabia and a pick up in consumption in all major economies globally.

The petrol and diesel prices have increased 16 times in 2021 with the two auto fuels increasing by Rs 4.43 and Rs 4.51 per litre, respectively so far this year.

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