Fuel Prices Today Petrol Touches E282B996 Mark In Mumbai Diesel At E282B979 95 In Delhi Check Revised Rate

Fuel Prices Today: Petrol touches ₹96-mark in Mumbai, diesel at ₹79.95 in Delhi | Check revised rate

Fuel Prices Today: Petrol Touches ₹ 96-Mark In Mumbai, Diesel At Rs 79.95 In Delhi | Check Revised R
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Fuel Prices Today: Petrol touches ₹ 96-mark in Mumbai, diesel at Rs 79.95 in Delhi | Check revised rate

Fule Prices Today: Petrol and diesel price hiked for the ninth straight day on Wednesday by 23-26 paise per litre respectively. The petrol prices reached a record high of Rs 89.54 in the national capital, a day after breaching the Rs 89-a-litre mark. The diesel prices stood at Rs 79.95 as compared to Rs 79.70 a litre on Tuesday, as per data from Indian Oil Corporation website.

In Mumbai, petrol price touched the Rs 96 per litre mark today, the highest price to date, as compared with Rs 95.75 on Tuesday. After a 26 paise hike, people in Mumbai have to shell out Rs 86.98 for a litre of diesel. Petrol price in Kolkata was hiked to Rs 90.78 per litre from Rs 90.54, while diesel rates were increased to Rs 83.54 a litre from Rs 83.29.

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In Chennai, petrol inched up 16 paise to sell at Rs 91.68. Diesel was retailing at Rs 85.01 in the city. In Bangalore, petrol and diesel prices inched up by 26 paise to Rs 92.54. In Kolkata, the retail price of petrol price was increased by 24 paise to Rs 90.78 per litre.

The retail rates, which differ from state to state depending on the incidence of local sales tax or VAT and freight charges, will see another surge after the latest round of hike. Petrol and diesel prices are revised on a daily basis in line with benchmark international price and foreign exchange rates.

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