Guy Pleads Guilty To Providing Mac Miller w/ Fentanyl!!


Among the 3 guys who were charged with the death of Mac Miller has pleaded guilty to providing the late rap artist with oxycodone tablets that killed him in 2018 has pleaded guilty.Stephen Walter pleaded guilty to one count of distribution of fentanyl, TMZ reports.As an outcome of his pleading guilty to the charge, the extra charge of conspiracy to disperse an illegal drug was dropped.Walter, Cameron James Pettit and Ryan Michael Reavis were all charged for conspiring to distribute the fentanyl to Miller by providing him with fake oxycodone tablets laced with fentanyl. The guys also gave the rap artist cocaine and Xanax. Prosecutors say Walter understood the counterfeit tablets were potentially lethal however pushed for them to be offered to the star anyhow.

Walter faces 20 years in jail and a lifetime of monitored release. He is likewise facing a $1 million fine. Prosecutors want Walter to serve 17 years in prison.Published at Wed, 27 Oct
2021 00:02:00 -0500