Hacking of PM Modi’s Twitter account exposes rifts in cyber security: Opposition


NEW DELHI: Several Opposition leaders on Sunday expressed concern over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter account being hacked quickly, and stated this exposes rifts in the cyber security.
They said cyber security was as essential as border and internal security and asked whether the Aadhaar information of all Indians was safe.
Congress spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill said, “Hacking of Twitter manage of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an issue of huge issue, worry and exposes the cracks in cyber security. With development and reliability on innovation, policy makers should understand that cyber security is similarly crucial as border, internal security.”
Shiv Sena deputy leader in Rajya Sabha Priyanka Chaturvedi stated, “Prime Minister’s account hacked briefly. Cyber security level exposed greatly.”
Another Congress spokesperson, Shama Mohammed, stated, “PM Modi’s Twitter manage was hacked last night. This is a significant security breach.”
“If the federal government can not adequately secure the account of the Prime Minister, how is it securing the biometric aadhaar information of crores of Indians which it demanded collecting,” she asked.
Indian Youth Congress president BV Srinivas made a saucy comment in reaction to a tweet on the hacking.
“Good Early morning Modi ji, Sab Changa Si?” he said in action to the tweet that claimed India has actually “formally embraced bitcoin as legal tender” was put out from the hacked account.
Srinivas likewise asked, “When hackers were offering Bitcoin from Modi ji’s account, where was the ‘chowkidaar’ at the time.”
“So the hackers knew, Modi ji’s password didn’t have the ‘STREANH’?(sic)” he stated in another tweet.
Prime Minister Modi’s Twitter deal with was briefly hacked on Sunday, and a tweet claiming that India has “formally embraced bitcoin as legal tender” was put out from it.
The Prime Minister’s Workplace later stated the account was instantly secured after the matter was intensified to Twitter.
“The Twitter deal with of PM @narendramodi was really briefly jeopardized. The matter was intensified to Twitter and the account has been right away protected. In the brief period that the account was jeopardized, any Tweet shared need to be disregarded,” it stated.
The tweet, after Modi’s individual handle was hacked in the little hours, also claimed that India has actually formally purchased 500 BTC and is dispersing them amongst its locals and shared a link, asking people to hurry up. The future has actually come today, it stated.

Published at Sun, 12 Dec 2021 12:41:08 -0600