HC Seeks Centre’s Base on Plea for Repatriation of Five Indian Seafarers Stranded in Iran

While The Petition Was Listed For Hearing On July 27, Advocate Gurinder Pal Singh, Representing The Petitioners, Urged The Court To Pass Immediate Directions To Give Financial Assistance To The Seafarers In Iran. (Image: News18)

While the petition was noted for hearing on July 27

  • , advocate Gurinder Buddy Singh, representing the

    petitioners, urged the court to pass instant instructions to offer financial assistance to the seafarers in Iran.(Image: News18)Justice Rekha Palli gave time to Main federal government counsel to look for guidelines on the petition filed by the daddies of the 5 seafarers. PTI New Delhi Last Upgraded: July 20, 2021, 16:05 IST FOLLOW US ON: The Delhi High Court Tuesday looked for Centre’s action on a plea seeking repatriation of 5 Indian seafarers stranded in Iran after their acquittal in a criminal case there. Justice Rekha Palli approved time to Central federal government counsel to seek instructions on the petition submitted by the dads of the 5 seafarers.” What are you doing? You get instructions in these sort of matters”, the judge informed supporter Harish Vaidyanathan, who was standing for the Centre. While the petition was noted for hearing on July 27, supporter Gurinder Pal Singh, representing the petitioners, prompted the court to pass instant directions to provide financial help to the seafarers in Iran. The counsel said that at the minute, the seafarers were making it through at the grace of God fearing Iranians. “Let him (Centre’s counsel) return with instructions,” the court reacted as it clarified that it was not seeking any counter affidavit from the centre at this stage. The court was notified that in 2019, the seafarers had begun work at a cargo vessel in Iran.However, in February 2020, the vessel was robbed by the Iranian authorities and the 5 Seafarers were apprehended for apparently conspiracy to smuggle narcotics in deep sea, the counsel stated adding that they were acquitted by a court in Iran in March this year. He said despite duplicated representations, no action was taken by the respondent to come to their aid and the five seafarers had invested the last 450 days in Iran. It is submitted in the petition that the Iranian authorities declined to turn over the passports of the seafarers on account of the case being described the Supreme Court of Iran. While the matter has still not been chosen by the Supreme Court of Iran, the Seafarers remain in a limbo. They are not just stranded in Iran, they have no source of income., the petition stated. The petition also stated that in a state of desperation, the five stranded Indian Seafarers even tape-recorded a video message on July 10, 2021, asking for the Hon ‘ble Prime Minister to intervene in the matter. Provided their pitiable condition, the main federal government and the Indian Embassy in Tehran must offer legal help, a roof to live under and sufficient monetary assistance to the Seafarers, the petition said.Read all the most recent News, Breaking News and Coronavirus News here Published at Tue, 20 Jul 2021 05:35:05 -0500