‘Heels’ Star Kelli Berglund Exposes Season 2 Hopes After Crystal’s Win: She’s ‘Freaking Out’

There’s a new DWL champ in the area! The final moments of the ‘Heels’ season ending saw Crystal on top. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Kelli Berglund, who broke down Crystal’s triumphant moment and more.

Crystal took charge and ended up as the brand-new DWL champ in the Heels season ending. With Jack and Ace on the ground after a brutal battle in the ring, Crystal climbed the ladder and took that champion belt. Considering she began as just a valet, this is an amazing achievement for Crystal.

So where does Crystal go from here? Kelli Berglund told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Crystal’s most likely “going crazy” a bit. She confessed that Crystal’s win will be an “adjustment” for everyone in season 2, and she also desires to discover more about Crystal’s distressed family. Read our Q&A below:

Kelli Berglund

Kelli Berglund as Crystal on’Heels.'( STARZ)Crystal’s the brand-new champion! What was your response when you check out that in the script? I seem like at the beginning of the season, Crystal was most likely the last person we would have expected to be on top.Kelli Berglund: I like it because of that. We’ve been rooting for Crystal this entire time and we wish to see her win, but I do not think we ever anticipated her to be the one climbing up the ladder, which is why it’s such a shock. It was such a shock to me when I read it. It made me weep. It was amazing. It seemed like a full-circle minute for her. Even now, whenever that I watch the episode it still gets me. I still weep because on the day when we filmed it, I was sobbing as I was walking up there, climbing that ladder, and snatching the belt. It was a very frustrating, emotional thing for Crystal and for Kelli, so it was without a doubt one of my preferred things that I filmed this season.

Where do you believe she goes from here?Kelli Berglund: It’s really fascinating, I’ve thought of this a lot. I think part of Crystal is panicking since she absolutely just stumbled into the spotlight. She desired her minute, but I’m not exactly sure she wanted it to take place in front of countless people accidentally. She did the best thing by conserving this match due to the fact that it would have been a disaster for them if somebody didn’t step in when they were beating each other up and ruining completion of the match, however I believe that she knows she’s been in this location for so long and took a look at a certain way and wants to be acknowledged, however this is simply taking a huge leap into something else. So I believe simply as a human, she’s going nuts a little bit. What does this suggest? By technical terms, nabbing the bell suggests that she is now the champion. So does that mean they have to form a ladies’s league for her to be able to battle? Could she battle the men? I’m not exactly sure what it means. I think it puts her in a position of management, which I think is truly cool, and most likely a position of equal respect with a few of the others here like Jack Willie, possibly Ace. Ace just may be pissed off he didn’t get the bell. However it is type of an enigma, and it’s going to be a change for every single bachelor at the dome entering into a season 2. We have actually seen over the course of the season how Ace can’t actually manage not being the center of attention, not being

the face. We see him go out at the very end of the match. Do you think he could ever be really delighted for Crystal?Kelli Berglund: I’m unsure. I think he can, and I like that we see a friendship and this type of broken relationship appears like it’s on its methodto being mended before they ever go out. When she reveals up as Bunny Bombshell, he’s everything about it. Before they go out, they do that little fist bump like they’re in this together and wish to be cool and wish to be on great terms. However I think generally he is just so angry with his sibling at this moment. I believe Crystal’s just included by association. It’s not really her fault, but especially originating from this high of he believes everything’s all great to then discovering what Jack did to him, that simply sends him into a spiral. That’s why he begins beating him up for real. He’s just fed up. He was so ecstatic to get the belt, so I’m sure a part of him is truly upset. If I needed to guess, and this is more of an Alexander question, I believe his feelings and his anger, and his frustrations actually lie with his brother at this moment. < img loading ="lazy"class="size-full wp-image-4535980" src ="https://hollywoodlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/heels-kelli-berglund-post-3.jpg"alt=" Kelli Berglund"width="620"height=" 413"> Kelli Berglund and Alexander Ludwig on’Heels.'(STARZ)Undoubtedly, it’s a bit more complicated because they are bros, but is there a part of Crystal, who might be scared to rely on Jack?Kelli Berglund: I think so. I think there’s a great deal of heavy injury and toxicity between the 2 of them even if of what they’ve handled with their father. That’s weighing on both of them greatly. Jack feels like there’s

a lot of pressure on him to keep the dome running and make certain Ace is okay because Ace is simply type of off the rails all the time. However I believe in the past
, Crystal has actually understood that these individuals are human and they’re dealing with their feelings which’s why she hasn’t actually said anything. She’s been kind of in the background due to the fact that she is happy to be here. She does not want to make anyone upset, but she also knows her place and desires standard regard, which is why I believe sometimes she challenges it since she wishes to see how much she can get away with, which does not appear like a lot ever. But we see a great little bond starting to form in between Jack and Crystal throughout all these episodes where it’s like, alright, possibly we are on the course of you can see me as an equivalent, you can acknowledge my ideas are clever which I know what I’m discussing. So I believe that will absolutely be broadened. I indicate, there is no reason to take a look at Crystal and believe that she doesn’t understand what she’s speaking about due to the fact that she’s proven herself many times. I believe she simply respects them as people which they’re handling a lot, but there comes a point where you can handle this injury and this heaviness on your own, and then it begins affecting individuals around you in an actually, really unfavorable method. I think we’ve seen that with these two bros in the way they treat each other, the method they deal with Crystal, and the way they treat other people and their company. I think Crystal’s not going to be as afraid in season 2. I think she’s going to defend herself a little bit more. Wild Costs and Crystal became the most not likely duo. How did you respond when you saw Wild Expense was going to actually sh * t his pants? Kelli Berglund: I do like this weird little Crystal-Wild Bill thing. I think he sees a lot in her, which she does truly value, although he is such a shit show. He’s somebody acknowledging that she has skill, and I believe initially he was just doing it to piss off Ace and Jack and try to get under their skin because that’s just what he does.

However there’s that moment in episode 5 where none of those men are around and we’re at the autograph finalizing and these kids request an image with Bill. He’s like,
“No, Crystal’s going to get in this, too. She’s gon na be a star.” And after that he has that entire discussion with her before she chooses to go off-script. He was most likely tried to stir sh * t up, however that fired up something in her. It’s unusual, truthful, spirited, crazy when the two of them are together. I don’t think she has any problem withstanding Expense, which I think is uproarious. But she’ll endure this just for the sake of being a part of this community, so at least he unlocks for her. In methods, he secures her and desires to showcase her. I think when he does in fact sh * t his pants, she’s like, alright, we’re not going to make a huge deal out of this. It’s going to be fine. I’m saving you people. Bill won’t remain in there. We’re trying to help each other. That’s what I think she signed up for being his valet, although part of her dislikes it. She’s like, you know what? I’m going to be Bunny Bombshell. It’s going to be fantastic. I’m going to support my wrestler. That’s what valets do, and after that it simply gets insane. Where would you like to see that dynamic go? I seem like it’s almost a father-daughter-type relationship. Kelli Berglund: It does nearly feel that method, specifically because we don’t know Crystal’s backstory. We don’t actually know where her family lives. I think it’s quite clear that her moms and dads aren’t really present in her life. We have a great deal of crazy characters in this town and in this show. I believe he could be a real driver for some success for Crystal now that she has the belt. We’re not quite sure what that means. Is crystal ready for all this success? Does she desire to go on to a larger league and be on television. Perhaps Costs can assist with that. That twinkle of acknowledgment and understanding that she has talent really suggests a lot to her, which is I think it impacted her so greatly for her to go off-script. That’s the first time she heard anything like that besides from Bobby and her friends. To get her that thrilled about herself, and she truly is worthy of to feel excited about herself, it’s probably very overwhelming for her because she’s been stuck in this position of simply remaining in the background and being a valet. Possibly this will drive her to make some bad options after getting her so worked up. Maybe she’ll act upon impulse possibly since Costs’s not the very best impact. I will say that we feel for Costs in some of these episodes. He is a human, he does have emotion, and I believe perhaps this fatherly thing is brought out due to the fact that of Crystal. They bring out advantages in each other. Do you have any other wish for season 2? I would love to understand more about Crystal’s backstory.Kelli Berglund: That is truthfully number one on my list. I’ve written some of these things down just to talk with our producers about, simply potential ideas. Top, and I believe this holds true with a lot of characters on the show. I need to know how they got here. I would like to know their backstory I believe it ‘d be really intriguing to do a deep dive on Crystal. Just in the way that I have actually pieced it together in my head, without knowing a lot of information due to the fact that I just didn’t, I think she most likely comes from a damaged family. Perhaps her parents dealt with alcohol. She discusses it with Jack in the car how her mama’s drinking gin all the time, so I make certain that

was troublesome in between her and her family. She most likely needs to step up and be the adult and contain her emotions and
get herself through life, which is why she’s so contained in season 1 and we see her have a grip on her emotions many of the time. I believe that most likely originates from that. I desire to know when she entered fumbling, why she got into fumbling. Is this something she was viewing on television? She stated she’s been going to the dome because she was little. But why did she start doing that? Also, I would enjoy for her and Willie to be this female power duo. I feel like we’ve seen Crystal in a really female versus female circumstance, like her versus Trisha, her versus Willie in some method more towards the beginning of the season. We haven’t seen her actually establish a relationship with another female, so whether that’s Willie, whether that’s a new woman that comes into the dome to be a female wrestler, that’s something I would like to have in Crystal’s way and see how she manages it. Released at Sun, 10 Oct 2021 21:05:47 -0500