How to Apply for a Job in Person

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50″ > Co-authored by: Profession & Executive Coach This article was co-authored by Kent Lee. Kent Lee is a Profession and Executive Coach and the Creator of the Perfect Resume, a career advancement services business based in Phoenix, Arizona. Kent focuses on creating tailored resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and thank you letters. Kent has over 15 years of profession training and consulting experience. Previously, he has actually worked as a Profession Consultant for Yahoo and has worked with countless customers including Fortune 500 executives from all over the world. His work and career guidance have actually been included in ABC, NBC, CBS, Yahoo, Profession Builder, and This article has been viewed 111,560 times.

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class=” section_text “readability=” 46.959349593496″ > Article Summary X To request a job personally, start by wearing business-casual clothes, such as khakis and a dress shirt for males, or a skirt and blouse for ladies. Then, make sure you take a resume, cover letter, and list of professional references, along with a writing sample or portfolio, if it’s suitable for the position. When you get to the job website, smile and present yourself, then describe why you exist. Attempt to keep your interactions respectful, but short and on point, so you make a good impression with the person at the front desk or reception location. For pointers from our Life Coach customer on how to determine whether possible companies welcome in-person applications, continue reading!

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