India evacuated Pakistani student from Ukraine: Said Thank you PM Modi

In the midst of the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Indian government launched Operation Ganga to evacuate 20,000 Indians, during which more than 18,000 Indians have returned home so far.

India Evacuated Pakistani Student From Ukraine: Said Thank You Pm Modi
Asma- PM Modi

The officers who arrived at the Ukrainian border also helped Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and students from other countries to leave the war zone. One of them was Asma Shafiq from Pakistan.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina thanked Prime Minister Modi for rescuing 9 Bangladeshi citizens from Ukraine as part of “Operation Ganga”.


In addition to the Indians, students from Nepal and Tunisia were also rescued during the operation. Asma said she was in trouble. Asma thanked the Indian Embassy in Kyiv and Prime Minister Modi. A video has surfaced of Asma thanking him for freeing her from war-torn Ukraine.

India evacuated Pakistani student from Ukraine: Said Thank you PM Modi

In the video, Asma says she was rescued by Indian authorities and is making her way to western Ukraine. Soon he will be reunited with his family. Not only Pakistan but also the peoples of Turkey and Bangladesh had made the tricolor their shield when leaving Ukraine.

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Pakistani student mocks Imran Last week a Pakistani student who was trapped in Ukraine tweeted a video praising Operation Ganga and saying “Humse better toh India hai”.

India evacuated Pakistani student from Ukraine: Said Thank you PM Modi

The Indians trapped here have no problem, they will be brought back to their country. We are lost because we are Pakistanis. The students trapped in Sumi were also evacuated.

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Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi tweeted a day ago and said he was pleased to announce that all 694 Indian students have made it out of Sumi.

They are all on their way to Poltava, from where they will depart by train to western Ukraine.

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The mission to bring Indians from neighboring countries of Ukraine was called Operation Ganga. Outside of this, airlift work from Hungary and Poland was being completed.

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The Indian Air Force also took part in Operation Ganga. 2056 passengers were carried by 10 Air Force C17 Globemaster flights.

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