Indian Trains records greater freight packing in September

In this period, the Indian Railways earned Rs 10,815.73 crore from freight loading which is also 9.19 percent greater compared to in 2015’s revenues for the very same duration which was Rs 9,905.69 crore.


October 07, 2021 / 09:57 PM IST

Rail Wagon

The Indian Trains ‘freight loading for September 2021 was 3.62 percent greater than the matching month’s figure in 2015, the nationwide transporter stated on Thursday. During September, 2021, the railways’ loading was 106 million tonnes which is 3.62 percent higher compare to last year’s loading for the same duration (102.30 million tonnes).

In this duration, the Indian Railways made Rs 10,815.73 crore from freight loading which is likewise 9.19 percent higher compared to last year’s profits for the very same period which was Rs 9,905.69 crore.During September,

2021, the Indian Railways’ loading was 106 million tonnes that includes 47.74 million tonnes of coal, 11.24 million tonnes of iron ore, 6.46 million tonnes of foodgrains, 4.19 million tonnes of fertilizers, 3.60 million tonnes of mineral oil and 6.15 million tonnes of cement (leaving out clinker).

“It deserves discussing that a number of concessions/ discount rates are likewise being given up Indian Railways to make Railways Freight movement really attractive.”

“It may be noted that improvements in freight motions will be institutionalised and integrated in the upcoming absolutely no based time table,” the railways said.