Is Fishkeeping Really That Difficult? Not If OZPOLISH is to be believed

OZPOLISH is set to break the myth that fishkeeping is difficult by introducing a range of products that helps fishkeeping enthusiasts pursue their hobby and profession with ease.

Is Fishkeeping Really That Difficult? Not If Ozpolish Is To Be Believed
Is Fishkeeping Really That Difficult? Not If OZPOLISH is to be believed 2

Freshwater aquariums are enticing and appealing, but many people are hesitant to have one because they seem to be difficult to maintain. Many beginners are eager to get their new tank home, fill it up, and start putting their fish in; as soon as possible.  While setting up and maintaining a freshwater aquarium isn’t difficult, it does necessitate some dedication, knowledge and the use of the right products.

Fishkeeping does come with its own challenges. It’s not possible to tell if ammonia or nitrite problems are forming or if adding fish (or shrimp) to your new tank is safe without first analyzing the water. Existing fish adjust to gradually growing nitrogenous wastes such as ammonia and nitrite levels and may not show signs of distress until it is too late. Newly added fishes can find it extremely tough to adapt when placed in an aquarium with high levels nitrogenous wastes as they never got time to acclimate for it. There is no “safe” time period for adding additional fish, and ammonia or nitrite is of course cannot be seen in the water. Any waste produced by fish, live plants, or decomposing uneaten food stays inside the fish tank, which is a completely contained environment. Toxins such as toxic ammonia and nitrite are released into the water as a result of this waste. These poisons are usually converted to nitrate by the biological filter, which beyond a certain level is damaging for your fish but still need to be diluted with regular water changes. So, it’s always better to ensure that you keep the water healthy enough for your fish.

Aquarium cleaner and water conditioner are the two products that help you maintain your fish aquarium. These products ensure that the aquarium and its water stay healthy for the fish. To eliminate chlorine, chloramine, and trace metals commonly found in tap water, you have to make sure the water is treated with a dechlorinating agent. A water conditioner can help you monitor ammonia, nitrite, pH, and specific gravity levels.

According to Aquatic Habitat, all the fishkeeping hobbyists can now heave a sigh of relief as they have OZPOLISH to help them out. OZPOLISH aims to make fishkeeping a fun activity in a way that is socially beneficial, economically acceptable, and technically possible. With more than 10 products in its portfolio, Aquatic Habitat in India focuses on the importance of providing your fish with the best aquarium and productive aquaculture products. Here is a quick look at all the products under the OZPOLISH flagship available at

OZPOLISH Bio-Cure – Fish Tank Beneficial Bacteria

OZPOLISH H2O – Aquarium Water Conditioner

OZPOLISH O2 – Aquarium Fish Oxygen Powder

OZPOLISH De Algae – Aquarium Liquid Algae Remover/Scraper

OZPOLISH De Chlorine – Aquarium Chlorine Neutralizer/Remover

OZPOLISH De-Stress – Fish Stress Relief/ Coat/ Heal/ Reducer

OZPOLISH Bio-Scape – All-in-One Aquarium Fertilizer with fertilizing bacteria and water softener

OZPOLISH Purity – Aquarium Clear Filter Water Media Pads

OZPOLISH De Ammo – Aquaculture Ammonia Reducer

OZPOLISH De Nitra – Aquaculture Nitrate Reducer

Here are some of the water issues that are addressed by OZPOLISH:

Ammonia Poisoning: Ammonia is a normal waste product of fish metabolism that can be exceedingly damaging to fish if it piles up in the water.

Algae: While some algae growth is safe and typical, excessive algae growth is ugly and can be harmful to fish and plants. Due to an accumulation of phosphate or nitrate in the water, excessive illumination, too much fish food, and insufficient water changes can cause algae growth in your aquarium.

Cloudy Water: If too much food is left in the aquarium, it will cloud the water not just because of the decomposing food, but also because of the new bacteria that will grow to devour the excess nutrients.

Rocks Can Affect Water Chemistry: In freshwater aquariums, using gravel made from limestone, dolomite, aragonite, crushed coral or oyster shells will raise the hardness and pH of the water which may not be good for all fishes.

Nitrite Poisoning: When ammonia levels rise, nitrite levels rise as well, which can swiftly become fatal.

Phosphate: Phosphate levels will rise if the aquarium is not properly maintained, contributing to algae growth.

All these water issues need the support of the best aquarium products that keep the water clean and healthy for our aquatic friends. Aquatic Habitat believes that OZPOLISH could deliver the best fish tank products to the expectations of both the amateur and the expert fishkeepers. The items are proudly created in India with the philosophy of harnessing the best resources in collaboration with partners to the point where nature is mimicked inside aquariums and man-made ponds, not artificially.

Fishkeeping enthusiasts looking for low-maintenance aquarium products can go with OZPOLISH and check out the wide range of offerings, that will help them maintain their aquarium and give the best aquatic ecosystem for their fishes.

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Aquatic Habitat’s goal is simple: to provide the most straightforward solutions for everyone involved in the hobby, profession, or industry of fishkeeping. They understand the difficulties that come with fishkeeping and have developed their purpose around their mission on “Save on Maintenance” and “Save on Water.” They created their brand OZPOLISH for aquariums, artificial ponds, and aquaculture to target the Objective and Mission.

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