Jagan seeks Centre’s aid in tiding over AP power crisis


< img src ="https://timesnewsnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/0cHozE.jpeg"class ="ff-og-image-inserted"> Vijayawada: Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has composed a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking his urgent intervention to tide over the energy crisis in Andhra Pradesh.

The Chief Minister asked for the Prime Minister to direct the union ministries of coal and trains to allot 20 coal rakes to the state. He requested revival of stranded/non-working pit-head coal plants in India without PPAs or coal linkage on an emergency basis as a few of these are under CIRP procedure by NCLT. He said such plants should also start operations right away regardless of phase of proceedings at NCLT and opined that it would save the coal transport time and quantity restrictions in coal transportation to non-pit head coal plants. He requested for supply of deep water well gas offered with ONGC and Dependence on emergency situation basis to 2,300 mw capacity stranded/non-working gas plants. He said the deficit of nearly 500 mw power from main creating stations due to plant upkeep could be bridged by restoring the plants at the earliest or by holding off the upkeep. He asked the Prime Minister to advise banks/lending organizations to offer operating capital loans liberally to Discoms till the crisis was tided over in order to make coal payments and to carry out market purchases.

Jagan Mohan Reddy said the unfolding international energy crisis resulted in three-fold boost in electricity rates throughout Europe and China and likewise struck India and added that the post-Covid power need in the state increased by 15 percent in the last 6 months and by 20 percent in the last one month.

The Chief Minister stated, “Andhra Pradesh has actually been meeting a grid demand of about 185-195 MU daily. Power generation stations operated by APGenco which supply about 45 percent of the state’s energy requirements, hardly have coal stocks for a couple of days and it might impact power generation. APGenco coal plants are operating at less than half of their 90 MU/day capability due to shortage of coal. The central generation stations have likewise not been able to supply more than 75 percent of their 40 MU/day capability. To soak up 8,000 MW of renewable energy capability, AP has actually not been executing contracts with coal-based plants and consequently, it depends greatly on market purchases for sourcing its shortfall energy.”

He stated, “The daily average market value of about 40 MU/day energy that we acquire has increased three times from Rs 4.6 per kWh on September 15 to day-to-day average of Rs 15 per kWh on Friday. The rates in Day-Ahead and Real Time power markets are soaring day by day and have reached the peak of Rs 20 per power system at many times of the day. The power is also not readily available at particular hours in the market due to less availability of generation in the country. It is quite an alarming situation and the finances of circulation business will weaken further if the circumstance continues. More water is required in the last phase of harvesting and if it is rejected, fields would dry up and farmers stand to lose. Unintended power cuts when resorted to, will lead to disorderly conditions as we witnessed in 2012. It has become significantly tough for us to meet the grid need and the circumstances are pushing us towards load shedding.”

Published at Fri, 08 Oct 2021 16:02:55 -0500