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Lady Diviniti on hosting the stage at Rick Ross’s Car Show with JoJo of Atlanta’s 105.3 The Beat

Lady Diviniti on hosting the stage at Rick Ross’s Car Show with JoJo of Atlanta’s 105.3 The Beat

Last weekend music mogul Rick Ross made history hosting his first inaugural car and bike show at his own Georgia estate known as ‘The Promise Land’. The sold-out show featured various classic cars, vendors, great food, celebrity guests, and The Ultimate Performance Stage sponsored by Rap Star Energy Drink. With Lady Diviniti being the official spokeswoman and public relations for the brand; hosting the Ultimate Performance Stage was a given and now you can have the chance to see it through her lens all while learning about the lady of the hottest new black owned energy drink.

Daily Hunt: Can we take a moment to discuss Rick Ross’s estate and what it felt like to be at The Promise Land in the flesh?

Lady Diviniti: Yes, it was everything I imagined and more but of course I didn’t get the chance to see the entire estate because it’s like a castle and over 200 acres. I instantly recognized certain areas from what I’ve seen Rick Ross post to his Instagram page but it’s about 10x nicer in person. The Lawn is so vibrant and well-manicured, the tall royal gates with gold trimming, the architecture of the actual house; it all looked like something you would see in a dream.

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It’s crazy to think that one man owns all that beautiful land and structure. To be there in the flesh felt like yet another example of my manifestation strength but more than anything I’d have to say it was motivation for me to get all the work done I may have been sleeping on. It made me want to step my game up for sure.

Lady Diviniti On Hosting The Stage At Rick Ross’s Car Show With Jojo Of Atlanta’s 105.3 The Beat
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DH: Did any celebrities stand out to you or catch your eye?

LD: Indeed, I met Safaree Samuels, Carlos Watson, Desi Banks, Johnny Dang, and of course Rick Ross himself but there were others that I saw and didn’t get the chance to tap in with since I was working the majority of the time and couldn’t leave the stage area for too long. Though my business partner Jamaal Bethea who’s also an executive at iHeart media, got the chance to network with Brett Berish which is someone I’ve been longing to meet.

I wanted to talk to him about being in my music video since he’s the actual creator of Belair and Mcqueen Violet Fog and I actually wrote a song called The Mcqueen Anthem with Wiz Khalifa. Later that evening I found out via social media that Curren$y was in attendance too; someone I’ve also worked on music within the past, specifically a song called ‘Gambling Shack’ but we’ve never actually met in person, so it would’ve been cool to meet him too.

DH: How did it feel to host such a highly anticipated event such as the Rick Ross Car Show and did you get nervous at all?

LD: Well, thinking too hard did initially create some nervousness within me but after having two mini bottles of Belaire champagne paired with Rap Star Energy drink, I was good to go. My main focus was getting the message out about Rap Star Energy Drink and the whole movement which I certainly executed if I must say so myself. Hosting was a great experience especially

since I wasn’t alone. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the lovely JoJo of Atlanta’s

105.3 The Beat and she’s a natural born professional, just wonderful! I really enjoyed working with her. The entire experience was surreal though to say the least. This entire year has been filled with magic and my dreams are becoming reality and this was yet another example of that truth but at the same time I can’t really sulk in the moment for too long because I have a load of work to do.

DH: So, does this explain why you’re named the hardest working lady of the Bay Area and do you ever celebrate any of your hard work?

LD: The short answer is no because it’s hard for me to accept a victory when I have yet to materialize the full vision for myself and for my community. I received the title hardest working lady of the Bay from some of my fans because I usually have my hands in so many different things at once like music and acting which I’ve put on hold to run my media agency and magazine, ‘Big Indy’, while also representing Rap Star Energy Drink, so I definitely have my hands full.

I have this fantasy that if I work hard enough, I can get back to creating art and music full-time. That’s my dream.

DH: Can you tell us a little bit more about your role at Rap Star Energy Drink?

LD: So, I’ve been assigned the role of a spokeswoman and Public Relations specialist for Rap Star Energy Drink, but I’ve been doing a little bit of everything to help assist with the acceleration the brand. So far, I’ve utilized my media company ‘Big Indy’ to design and place the first billboards for the brand, I secured a partnership between Rap Star Energy Drink and iHeart media which locked in radio advertisement and interviews held and aired on 105.3 the beat Atlanta.

The partnership also secured radio personality Jojo from 105.3 The Beat to co-host the Rick Ross’s car show with me. I helped with talent outreach by creating casting call alerts to find brand ambassadors and artists. By the way you can expect more live event collaborations with iHeart and R.S.E.D in the near future.

Our next activation will be in Los Angeles for the BET Weekend. Additionally, I’ve helped with various other miscellaneous marketing strategies including placing ads in Big Indy Newspaper and Big Indy Magazine, I’ve assisted in videography that captures Rick Ross and others enjoying the energy drink for brand awareness and other marketing purposes, and again I’ve utilized my company Big Indy to act as Rap Star Energy Drink’s official streaming network on Big Indy TV.

Usually when I put my name on something I grow a passion that makes me want to do all I can to ensure it wins and so far, we are winning if I must say so myself.

DH: Where can we learn more about you?

LD: I’m Lady Diviniti everywhere, that’s Twitter, Instagram, & Tiktok. To learn more about my company you can visitBigindymagazine.com or @bigindytv and @bigindymagazine on Instagram and Twitter.