Shahjahanpur News, Shahjahanpur Man Jumps Before Train
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A young man was admitted to hospital after a train ran over him on Monday, severing his body from waist downwards, in an alleged suicide bid, police said.

Hours later, doctors at the local government medical college hospital were trying to keep the 26-year-old taxi driver alive but were apprehensive about his chances.

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Emergency medical officer Dr Mohammed Meraj said Harshvardhan’s body was severed below the hip joint. The vital organs were unharmed and blood transfusion was on.

The man had allegedly attempted suicide by jumping before a train on the tracks behind Hathauda stadium.

The driver of a goods train was apparently the first to come across the macabre site of the severed portion of Harshvardhan’s body lying along the tracks. He informed police.

Harshvardhan was flung into a canal, miraculously alive and, according to some reports, calling for help.

The bleeding had stopped at that stage, Superintendent of Police (City) Sanjay Kumar said.

“He is in a very bad shape,” medical college spokesperson Dr Puja Tripathi said.

She said he could be referred to another hospital later if his medical condition allowed this.

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