Meet with a Famous Azerbaijani Pop Musician, Singer-songwriter, Producer & Entrepreneur – Khalid El Bargoni

Khalid El Bargoni is an Azerbaijani singer-songwriter-producer and entrepreneur.
he was born in 22 Deecember 1999 in Baku,Azerbaijan.

His latest release “You look lonely” hit 160K Views on Youtube.

With his career, Khalid has been an independent singer/songwriter who has not been afraid to forge his own path.
Khalid creates fresh, original songs that reflect his personality and vision. He writes his songs with his close friends Saida bakhshali, Samir Sadizade, Nurana Suleymanli, Khadija Mursalzade, Parviz Vakilov, Nargiz Jafarova, Raul Aliyev and Ali Ashurov.

He had a passion of music, he tried listening different songs and practicing them. Then in 2017, he made it to the Azerbaijani national final for the chance to represent Azerbaijan in the Eutovision Song contest 2011 in Germany.

Meet With A Famous Azerbaijani Pop Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Producer &Amp; Entrepreneur – Khalid El Bargoni
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Khalid has worked in different positions, from business analyst to accountant while attending to university at the same time. in 2018 he decided to get back to his musical career.

Khalid El Bargoni website Link

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