BIHAR: Motihari shocked by bomb blasts, Big Conspiracy was on the fold

BIHAR: Motihari shocked by bomb blasts, Big Conspiracy was on the fold

A sudden explosion occurred in two bombs kept in a house in Motihari, Bihar, causing a stir in the entire area.

Bihar: Motihari Shocked By Bomb Blasts, Big Conspiracy Was On The Fold
BIHAR: Motihari shocked by bomb blasts, Big Conspiracy was on the fold 4

Team TNN: According to the preliminary investigation of the police, preparations for some big conspiracy were going on. Police also recovered five live bombs and live cartridges from the spot.

The process of criminal incidents is going on in Motihari of Bihar and today in this sequence, the whole area was shaken by the explosion in the heart of the city or rather in the Aggarwa locality.

This explosion happened in a house. According to the report, two bombs kept in the house to carry out the criminal conspiracy suddenly exploded.

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According to the information, for the purpose of carrying out the criminal incident, a criminal named Vikas Yadav had kept this bomb in his rented house, which exploded and there was chaos in the whole locality.

After the incident, Vikas Yadav left the house and fled. After receiving information about the blast, the police of the city police station immediately reached the spot and recovered five live bombs and two live cartridges from there.

The police have now started investigating the matter.

In view of the seriousness of the incident, a large number of the police force and technical cell team including Motihari SP Dr. Kumar Ashish and Sadar DSP reached the spot and took stock of the situation.

The police gathered the necessary information from the woman and other people living in the same house, after which the SP has ordered the city police station to resolve the matter at the earliest.

Regarding the incident, Motihari SP Ashish Kumar said that this incident has happened in Agarwa locality where a person lived in a rented house and used to make bombs. During this, two bombs exploded.

He said, “During the investigation, five live bombs and two live cartridges have been recovered, from the initial investigation it appears that preparations were on to carry out some incident.” Soon this matter will be resolved.

Whatever the case may be, this incident has proved that once again the preparations are being made by the criminals to terrorize Motihari and any major incident can happen in Gandhi’s city.