Nehha Pendse: I Haven'T Received My Due As An Actor

Nehha Pendse: I haven’t received my due as an actor

Actor Nehha Pendse says her decision to feature in and produce the upcoming Marathi film “June” was born out of her desire to push herself as an artiste in an industry that hasn’t acknowledged the performer in her. In her career of over two decades, Pendse has featured in films across Hindi, Marathi, Telugu and Tamil, with projects like “Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari”, Nana Patekar-starrer drama “Natsamrat” and the 2015 biopic “Gour Hari Dastaan”.

With “June”, a coming-of-age drama set in Aurangabad, the 36-year-old actor said she has played a part which would surprise many. “I realised despite of spending so many years in the industry, I’ve not received my due as an actor. I feel a lot of people couldn’t imagine me doing what I’ve done in ‘June’. I know I have the capacity, but for some reasons things didn’t happen my way.

“It took courage for me to do the film, put my own money. I’m glad so far everything has turned out beautifully. I hope this gives me and the team confidence to make more good films,” Pendse told PTI on the sidelines of the 51st International Film Festival of India (IFFI), where “June” was premiered.

Directed by Vaibhav Khisti and Suhrud Godbole, with a script by writer-producer Nikhil Mahajan, “June” is described as a film about “two troubled people who help each other heal.” It also stars actor Siddharth Menon.

Pendse said one of the reasons she was drawn to the project was the film’s message, which resonated with her idea of living: of picking oneself up after a fall and keep marching on.

“I have been through my own ups and downs and have dealt with it gracefully. I don’t let my low phase depress me or the high to put me on a pedestal. The film talks about exactly that. Life will keep throwing challenges, it’s ok to feel low, sleep the night and wake up to a fresh start,” she said.

While there’s no clarity on the film’s theatrical release yet, the former “Bigg Boss” contestant said she was touched by the audiences reaction at IFFI.

“I was surprised, happy with the kind of reactions we were getting. The audience was laughing, crying and being silent when they had to. It reached out to a limited number of people but has been received so beautifully,” she added.

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