Omicron is not deadly however India must be gotten ready for third wave: Leading health professional


HYDERABAD: Though the world waits for more details on the brand-new Covid variant Omicron, India must be prepared to eliminate a possible “3rd wave” which may be brought on by the emerging alternative bearing in mind its high transmissibility but possibly low fatality, according to a health expert.
Talking to ANI on Saturday, Executive Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bibinagar, Dr Vikas Bhatia, speaking about the helpfulness of the Hybrid resistance in the possible wave, said, “It is really tough to forecast because, and even at this moment of time when more than 30 nations have reported several cases, we are still waiting for some more info. So, in this phase, we must be preparing ourselves that a 3rd wave might come but at the same time, it may be great news in case we find that this particular virus Omicron is not very fatal. Up until now no death has actually been reported from any part of the world.”
“It may be a moderate disease. It is perhaps being observed in some countries such as South Africa that the gap between the infection and the manifestation of the disease is a bit longer. And when it is longer than the Delta infection, it is most likely to be transferring and infecting increasingly more people. Now in case, the transmission rate is high, but its killing power is low, then it can transfer and produce resistance among the individuals,” he added.
Dr Bhatia said that if oxygen levels decline due to Omicorn version, then that would be an issue however he believes that due to the continuous nationwide vaccination program, it ought to not be an issue.
“Decrease in the oxygen levels and the case death rates, they are our main concern. If those issue us more, we should not be bothering too much about the transmission of the disease. Because the vaccination programme is also going on,” he stated.
The Executive Director highlighted “Hybrid immunity” as “security” against Omicron and said, “When we discuss hybrid in relation to the Covid it implies we are speaking about the immunity which has actually been obtained through the infection and resistance which has been gotten through the vaccination. When these two collaborate we call it a hybrid.”
Dr Bhatia explained even more, “When these 2 work together we call it a hybrid. So, hybrid resistance is there due to the fact that a great deal of people have currently been exposed to Covid. So, they have due to the fact that of the illness which happened to them, or which manifested or for some factor they were admitted or which we saw the outcomes as a seroprevalence was positive who got this infection. They might have resistance versus the Covid plus the vaccination which has also been going on since January. So, together it becomes hybrid resistance.”
The medical professional stated hybrid immunity in India is extremely high which has “much better protection” versus Omicron.
“The different studies which have been done, this sero security, they have offered info that more than 70- 80 percent of the population has actually already been exposed to the Covid infection, which suggests they have the antibodies in them. Concurrently, we understand that almost 126 crore individuals till yesterday have actually also been immunized either with one dosage or with two doses. So, it means that the hybrid immunity in India is very high. And the scientific proof which has stepped forward is that individuals with the hybrid immunity have better security against Omicron and Covid,” he stated.
Talking about the hazard positioned to kids by the brand-new variant, Dr Bhatia said that the mortality rates in them will be minimal due to the good resistance and other aspects and recommended to begin the vaccination of the teen age group between 12 and 18 years.
“We observed in the start that the maximum number of deaths were occurring in the senior patients since of comorbidities and since of the low resistance with age. So that was the focus location, you understand. The vaccination started from that age group 60 plus then 45 onwards, and then the age was increased from 18 years onwards. Since of the great resistance and other factors, the mortality rates will be very low or in reality really minimal amongst the kids,” he said.
“Federal government of India is currently in principle going over these locations and there is a strong possibility that the government might begin the vaccination of the kids particularly in the adolescent age between the 12 years and 18 years. So, some of the work is going on. We are just waiting for the policy decision by the federal government but it should be considered for the children as well,” he included.
The main federal government on Saturday wrote to 5 states – Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Mizoram– and Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and expressed issue over a fast increase in day-to-day Covid cases and death rate and likewise underlined the danger positioned by the Omicron variation. Meanwhile, India reported a 3rd Omicron case in Gujarat after 2 two cases reported in Karnataka.

Published at Sat, 04 Dec 2021 13:56:41 -0600