Over 400 Tesla Workers Tested Covid 19 Positive After Musk Reopened Plant Report

Over 400 Tesla workers tested COVID-19 positive after Musk reopened plant: Report

Over 400 Tesla Workers Tested Covid-19 Positive After Musk Reopened Plant: Report
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Over 400 Tesla workers tested COVID-19 positive after Musk reopened plant: Report

More than 400 workers at a Tesla plant in California tested positive for the coronavirus between May and December, according to public health data released by a transparency website. According to The New York Times, The data provides the “first glimpse” into COVID-19 cases at Tesla, whose chief executive officer, Elon Musk, downplayed the severity of the pandemic and reopened the plant in May, in defiance of guidelines issued by local public health officials.

“Automakers across the country halted production and closed plants for two months last year from mid-March until mid-May. After resuming production, other automakers publicly announced when workers had tested positive for the virus and halted production to prevent further infection among employees and to disinfect work areas,” NYT reported.

The data obtained by the website PlainSite showed that 440 cases were reported at the Tesla plant, which employs some 10,000 people. The number of cases rose to 125 in December from fewer than 11 in May.

A year ago, after officials in California ordered manufacturing plants to close, Musk suggested on Twitter that the measure was unnecessary and that cases in the United States would be “close to zero.”

He also called virus restrictions “fascist,” threatened to move Tesla out of California, and then reopened the plant a week before health officials said it was safe to do so. More recently, Musk has questioned on Twitter the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines. 

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