Paramount need for unity; strengthening org should override personal ambitions: Sonia

Paramount need for unity; reinforcing org must bypass individual aspirations: Sonia

< img src ="https://timesnewsnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/TdD2x1.jpeg"class ="ff-og-image-inserted"> New Delhi: Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday stressed on the requirement for discipline and unity, stating strengthening the organisation needs to override personal ambitions.

Chairing a conference of top celebration leaders to progress a technique for assembly elections in 5 states early next year, she said the celebration should redouble its fight for the victims of the Union government’s “worst excesses”.

Gandhi also expressed issue over the party’s messages on essential issues not percolating down to the grassroot cadres, and stated there is lack of clarity and cohesion even among state leaders.

Former party chief Rahul Gandhi likewise went to the meeting of party basic secretaries, in-charges and Pradesh Congress presidents at the AICC head office here.

The leaders have likewise come together to chalk out a technique for the celebration’s brand-new membership drive and finalise the techniques for it. The drive is starting from November 1 and will continue till March 31 next year.

“I want to re-emphasise the vital need for discipline and unity. What should matter to each and each people is the strengthening of the organisation. This need to override individual ambitions. In this lies both cumulative and individual success,” Sonia Gandhi said in her opening remarks.

Worrying on training programs for party employees, the Congress chief said it must be taken up on priority.

“The battle to protect our democracy, our constitution and the Congress party’s ideology begins with being totally prepared to recognize and counter incorrect propaganda.

“We need to battle the diabolical campaign of BJP/RSS ideologically. We should do so with conviction and expose their lies before the people if we are to win this battle,” she stated.

Keeping in mind that AICC releases crucial and in-depth declarations nearly every day on issues facing the nation, Sonia Gandhi stated, “But it is my experience that they do not percolate down to our yard root cadres at the block and district level. There are policy concerns on which I find a lack of clarity and cohesion even amongst our state-level leaders.”

Attacking the Modi federal government, she said it has actually looked for to erode our organizations so it may avert accountability and has actually sought to weaken the core values of our constitution so it can hold itself to a lower standard.

It has questioned the very principles of our democracy, she stated.

“We should enhance our defend those who are the victims of this federal government’s worst excesses: our farmers and farm labourers, our youth combating for jobs and opportunities, little and medium scale businesses, our brothers, our siblings with specific concentrate on the deprived,” she stressed.

On the elections to five states, the Congress leader said our campaign must be established upon concrete policies and programs emanating from prevalent conversations with all sections of society.

Assembly elections in the states of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur are slated early next year.

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