PM Modi product reviews development of transforming Nitrogen plants to Oxygen flowers

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Federal government of India explored the feasibility of conversion of present nitrogen flowers to create oxygen.

Thinking about the requirement of medical air amidst the COVID-19 pandemic scenario, the us government of India explored the feasibility of conversion of existing nitrogen flowers to make oxygen. Various such possible sectors, wherein present nitrogen plants are spared for creation of air had been identified.

The entire process of transforming the existing stress Swing Absorption (PSA) nitrogen flowers for creation of air had been talked about. Within the nitrogen plants Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) is used whereas Zeolite Molecular Sieve (ZMS) is necessary for making oxygen. Therefore, by replacing CMS with ZMS and undertaking few various other modifications such as for instance air analyzer, control interface system, flow valves etc. existing nitrogen flowers are changed to create oxygen.

On deliberation aided by the companies, so far 14 companies being identified in which transformation of flowers is under progress. Further 37 Nitrogen plants being also identified with the help of industry organizations.

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A nitrogen plant changed for the creation of oxygen can be either shifted to a nearby hospital or, whenever it’s not possible to move the plant, it can be utilized for on-site production of oxygen, and that can be be transported to hospital through specialized vessels/cylinders.

Main Secretary to PM, Cabinet Secretary, Home Secretary, Secretary Road Transport & Highways & various other senior officials participated in the conference.

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