PM not above law, there ought to be a dispute in Parliament: Rahul Gandhi on SC’s Pegasus observations

PM not above law, there ought to be an argument in Parliament: Rahul Gandhi on SC’s Pegasus observations

Rahul Gandhi
Image Source: ANI Rahul Gandhi welcomes SC’s choice to check out Pegasus snooping

Inviting the Supreme Court decision on Pegasus row, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday demanded a discussion over the problem in the Parliament. 3 experts on cyber security, digital forensics, networks, and hardware were trapped by the Supreme Court to “ask, examine and identify” whether Pegasus spyware was used for sleuthing on people and their probe would be kept an eye on by former apex court judge R V Raveendran.

“We more than happy that Supreme Court has accepted to check out the Pegasus issue. We will raise this problem once again in Parliament. We will attempt to have a debate in Parliament. I make sure the BJP will not like to have a dispute on this,” Rahul Gandhi resolving a press conference said.

“During the last Parliament session, we raised the Pegasus problem. Today, SC has given its opinion & & supported what we were stating. We were asking 3 concerns -who authorized Pegasus?, who was it used versus, and did any other nation have access to info of our individuals, Gandhi stated, and included, “Pegasus is an attempt to crush Indian democracy. It is a big step that the Supreme Court has stated that they will check out this matter. I am confident that we will get the reality out of this.”

The Pinnacle court observed that flexibility of journalism is an “essential pillar” of democracy and stated the court’s job in the Pegasus matter presumes terrific significance with regard to the importance of defense of journalistic sources and the “potential chilling result” that sleuthing methods might have.

The SC highlighted the aspect relating to the liberty of journalism and stated it is obliged to use up the cause in the matter to figure out truth and get to the bottom of the allegations made.

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Published at Wed, 27 Oct 2021 06:32:41 -0500