‘Raising Kanan’s Mekai Curtis & EP: New ‘Power’ Spinoff Will Be ‘Deconstructing’ 50 Cent’s Kanan

‘Raising Kanan’s Mekai Curtis & EP: New ‘Power’ Spinoff Will Be ‘Deconstructing’ 50 Cent’s Kanan

The legacy of ‘Power’ continues with ‘Raising Kanan.’ HL got UNIQUE scoop from star Mekai Curtis and showrunner Sascha Penn about ‘Kanan prior to he was Kanan.’

It’s Kanan Stark’s world now, and we’re simply living in it. The second Power spinoff, Power Book 3: Raising Kanan, will follow a 15-year-old Kanan living in South Jamaica, Queens. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Mekai Curtis about handling the role 50 Cent made well-known in the initial Power series.

“When we catch up with Kanan, it’s 1991. He’s 15. You’re satisfying Kanan before he was Kanan,” Mekai informed HollywoodLife. “Throughout the show, throughout the season, throughout the series, whatever, you’ll see how he became who we saw in the original Power. That’s why it’s called Raising Kanan. It’s about the environment, the impact, just the social environment that raised Kanan. You see a great deal of the choices he had to make and why he makes them.”

Mekai Curtis

Mekai Curtis as young Kanan Stark.(STARZ)Sascha likewise told HollywoodLife,”I believe the variation you’re going to get is a variation that feels eventually connected and linked to the variation you got as 50 Cent. What we’re doing is we’re deconstructing Kanan as he existed as 50. We’re sort of rebuilding him in

the 15-year-old variation of him.”Mekai remembered that his very first conference with 50 Cent was a “extremely chill” one and didn’t happen up until he was very far into the casting procedure. “My very first conference with 50 didn’t occur until my chemistry checked out with Patina Miller, which was my last audition,” Mekai stated. That was the very first time I fulfilled 50. But yeah, it was a very chill interaction.”

Sascha noted that casting young Kanan was the “biggest casting challenge” for the Raising Kanan group. “We understood that entering since we have this character who has already been established and totally understood and understood in sort of a spectacular way by 50,” Sascha continued. “We searched throughout the country. Mekai, I will state, came in early and got the job early. What we didn’t do is inform the actors who were reading for the function that they were reading for Kanan because we didn’t want them to do a 50 Cent impersonation. Essentially, we wanted to see who they were as an actor.”

Mekai Curtis
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Cent position together. (STARZ) He included, “Mekai has a great deal of what 50 has, which is sort of this inherent appeal and sensitivity. Once again, there’s a mankind to Mekai that 50 has also. I think it’s an aspect of 50’s acting ability that he does not get enough credit for, which is there is a real mankind to it and a sense of humor and an appeal. I believe individuals get this, even as associates with Kanan, get captured up in the gangster of everything. The character that 50 understood as Kanan was layered and had a lots of depth. Mekai has those exact same qualities.” Raising Kanan will air Sundays on STARZ.

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