Ravi Chaudhary’s election sent out to United States Senate


The election of Indian American Ravi Chaudhary, as assistant secretary of the Air Force for setups, energy, and the environment, has been sent to the US Senate recently for approval.
US President Joe Biden had actually chosen Dr Chaudhary, a former US Air Force officer and pilot, in October. If confirmed, Chaudhary will be yet another high-profile person of Indian origin in the Biden administration.
A citizen of Virginia, Chaudhary was a senior authorities in the Barack Obama administration having actually served as a member of the President’s advisory commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. He encouraged President Obama on executive branch efforts to enhance veterans support for the AAPI community.
He has actually also held top positions in the United States Federal Air travel Administration including as director, advanced programmes and development, workplace of commercial area transportation, where he reported straight to the associate administrator for commercial area, responsible for the execution of advanced advancement and research study programs in assistance of the FAA’s industrial space transportation mission.
Chaudhary had previously likewise served as a senior executive at the United States department of transportation where he was executive director, areas and centre operations, responsible for integration and assistance of aviation operations in nine areas situated throughout America.
In between 1993 and 2015, Chaudhary was on active service in the Air Force. He has actually conducted battle objectives consisting of several in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is an alum of Georgetown University, St. Mary’s University and United States Air Force Academy.

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Indian-origin couple imprisoned for abusing housemaid, obstructing justice in Singapore


SINGAPORE: An Indian-origin couple was on Friday jailed by a Singapore court for repeat offenses connecting to the hiring of a maid regardless of being blacklisted by the ministry of workforce (MOM) and blocking justice, regional media reported.
Syed Mohamed Peeran Syed Ameer Hamza, who circumvented the mommy blacklist by utilizing his organization associate’s identity to employ an Indonesian domestic employee, was imprisoned 36 weeks or about eight months.
The 41-year-old Singaporean pleaded guilty midway through a trial to one charge each of blocking justice and instigating his associate to provide incorrect info to secure a work pass.
His partner Sabah Parveen, a 37-year-old long-term local from India, was imprisoned for three days after similarly pleading guilty to obstruction of justice.
The couple’s Indonesian housemaid, Aminah, reported that she was mistreated by the couple.
Another charge of stopping working to pay all of Aminah’s salary was taken into consideration for sentencing, according to a report by TODAY newspaper.
District judge Jennifer Marie approved a discharge not amounting to an acquittal for a charge that the couple each faced, stopping working to make sure Aminah was given adequate rest every day.
This indicates that they can be prosecuted for these offenses in the future, for example, if new evidence emerges.
The couple sobbed in the dock as their sentences were readout. Sabah began serving her sentence right away, while Syed will do so on January 7 in order to look after their 2 young kids and settle some work matters, said the TODAY report.
The court heard that in 2014, Sabah was charged with 3 counts of willingly causing hurt versus their domestic employee at the time.
However, the charges were intensified when she paid SGD5,000 in compensation, which consisted of a flight ticket, to the employee then.
In May 2015, Syed found out that he and his home had actually been placed on a blacklist for working with foreign domestic workers up until June 30, 2019.
He then composed to mother in a bid to lift the restriction, however this was turned down.
In early 2018, he hired Aminah. She was in Indonesia at the time.
Then, in July that year, he circumvented the ban by persuading his associate to use for in-principle approval for Aminah to be utilized as a domestic worker in Singapore. This was the very first step in the work pass application.
Syed got Suresh Murugaiyan, an Indian origin partner in Singapore, to incorrectly show to mother to be Aminah’s company.
Mommy’s Work Pass System instantly authorized Suresh’s application. If Syed or his home members had actually utilized the system, it would have instantly prevented their application from going through, the court heard.
Aminah showed up in Singapore on July 17, 2018, and began working for Syed and Sabah.
Shortly afterwards, Syed convinced Suresh to send formal work permit statement forms, which once again specified that Suresh was Aminah’s employer.
The work authorization application was authorized on August 14, 2018. In January 2019, the family made preparations to relocate to Hong Kong. Aminah believed she would be taken there too, though she did not wish to go.
She communicated her scenario to another domestic employee living in the exact same condo complex in the Balestier housing estate. The other lady offered her the number for the Centre for Domestic Employees, which then informed MOM.
When the ministry called Aminah and asked her to provide her company’s info, she stated that she hesitated. A MOM investigation officer then referred the case to the cops.
On January 24, 2019, policeman visited Syed’s house two times in quick succession. Syed responded to the door both times, firmly insisting that he had actually not employed a domestic worker and that it was simply him and his family living there.
Sabah experienced this and realised her spouse might be under investigation.
Syed then asked Aminah to hide in a bathroom, prior to confronting her and asking why she had actually called the police and “(given them a) huge issue”. He purchased a flight ticket for her to go back to Jakarta, Indonesia, that very same night using Sabah’s charge card.
Aminah was provided a long time to pack and was paid SGD1,000 of her past due wage. She had been spent for the very first three months of work and not paid for a minimum of two more months.
The couple then asked two neighbours, who did not know what was happening, to help Syed take Aminah’s luggage down. He accompanied Aminah to the airport where she left for Jakarta.
Deputy public district attorney (DPP) Chong Kee En informed the court that after “some fast investigative work”, the authorities and mama realised that Suresh was not Aminah’s employer.
Syed denied using or knowing her, declining to surrender his and spouse passports and saying that he would not leave Singapore.
However, he purchased flight tickets soon after his interview with the police, attempting to leave on the exact same day before being stopped at the airport. Prior to Syed tried to leave, the cops had actually positioned the couple on a stop-list, which notifies the authorities to stop particular individuals from leaving Singapore.
Aminah went back to Singapore in July 2019 and more information emerged then, said DPP Chong.
He sought 9 months’ jail for Syed and a custodial term for Sabah, explaining that Aminah had actually worked for the household for six months regardless of the blacklist being in impact.
Syed’s attorney, Rachel Soh, stated in mitigation that he had employed Aminah out of concern for his household. He was working as a specialist in Hong Kong at the time and wished to support them in his absence, Soh added.
Representing Sabah, lawyer Jeremy Pereira informed the court that Sabah did not know what her spouse had actually done till cops officers showed up at their door.
This put her in an “unenviable circumstance” of having to report him to the authorities or keep silent. He might also have blamed her for his arrest, Pereira stated.
Those founded guilty of blockage of justice in Singapore can be jailed for as much as 7 years or fined, or both.

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