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# 1 4 5 6 7 Predator Premium National Suite Commercial Proposal 2 Price Proposal Item Predator Remote Data Extraction from Android & iOS Devices Delivery Hardware & Software Project Management Warranty Total Price Description Remote Mobile Extraction System: 1-Click, browser-based capability to inject Android & iOS payload, for both Android & iOS devices Android Support: * iOS Support: * iOS latest version (latest 14.3) + 12 months back Agent Concurrency Scope: 20 Concurrent infections for both OS family (iOS and Android) (i.e. total of 20 infections which may be split between iOS and Android as per the customer sole decision). magazine of 400 successful infections. Android 9-11 Geographical Limitations: · Only inside the country for local SIM cards on iOS or Android devices. · party software shall be provided by Intellexa. unless written specifically otherwise under the agreement. Cloud services, domains and anonymization chain which will be provided and managed by customer. All installation shall be undertaken by Intellexa personnel at customer designated site The entire Predator Suite will be delivered turn-key: 1 All hardware, proprietary software and 3rd Delivery & Project Plan Final Design Review Site Acceptance Testing (Customer site) Qty. 1 1 1 A complete project plan will be provided by INTELLEXA to be approved and coordinated with the customer: 20 Total Proprietary & Confidential 1 2 Technical, operational and methodology Twelve (12) months Warranty as further detailed 1 under section 2.2 below. intellexa Price (EURO) Included Included Included € 13,600,000 * it is hereby clarified that any obligation and/or undertaking of Intellexa for supporting a specific device and/or operational system version shall be delivered upon obtaining such capability within Intellexa. ** Subject to any Covid-19 Restriction (as such term defined under the agreement). Included

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