Rege-Jean Page Singing In New Clip Has ‘Bridgerton’ Fans Swooning Hard: Listen

Rege-Jean Page is a guy of many talents. The actor sent fans swooning when he beautified our ears with his magical voice, singing in Greek in a 30-second clip published by Audible on Twitter on Oct. 7.

As if we needed another factor to consume over the Duke of Hastings. Rege-Jean Page, 31, sent out Bridgerton fans into a frenzy when audible released a clip of the star singing on Oct. 7.

The hunk, who voices the character of Orpheus in the audio drama adjustment of The Sandman, sang in Greek for Act II of the drama. Co-executive producer and director of the audio play Dirk Maggs was pleased, to state the least.

“We have Rege-Jean Page as Orpheus, and it ends up that Rege-Jean Page is not only an exceptional actor and an insanely good-looking chap. He likewise sings like an angel,” Dirk states in the 30-second clip. “I have actually been, and I’ve got to state, it still sends out shivers up my spinal column.”

The short, however swoon-worthy clip drove fans to the comments, leaving them burning for more. “I will say I was up @ 3 am when Neil said audible would launch our pre-order on the East coast with all of my good friends, attempting to discover which episode RJP was singing. Maddening. Some friends in Puerto Rico too #worthit we had it on replay the next day at work too. Thanks!,” one fan composed, while another said, “He is checking all the boxes! Star, singer, dancer … those Bridgerton waltzes were nothing to play with!) What’s next?? Goosebumps is an understatement!!”

The handsome actor had rather the humbling reaction to virtually breaking the internet. He jokingly tweeting in action to the clip, “Did @audible_com simply drop my untreated stems? Rude.”

Rege-Jean Page
< img loading="lazy" class="wp-image-4533760 size-full"src =" "alt ="Rege-Jean Page "width ="620"height =" 874 "> Include another skill to the list! Rege-Jean Paul amazed fans when a video of him singing in Greek was released, by Audible, on Oct. 7. (Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP/ Shutterstock)

Regé is, obviously, very skilled. Beyond the hit Shonda Rhimes period drama Bridgerton, he was on a few major productions prior such as legal drama, For Individuals, as well as the Amazon original romance movie, Sylvie’s Love, together with Tessa Thompson.

While all of the jobs achieved success, his role as the Duke of Hastings really captured everybody’s attention (as a tremendous 63 million households had watched the show within the first 28 days). Sadly he will not officially be on season two of the series; however, in an interview with British GQ on September 1, the star curiously played coy– suggesting he might possibly return. “You know I could not tell you,” he said, and offered a slick answer when he was asked more. “Isn’t there something fantastic about being surprised by what you weren’t believing?”

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