“Border disputes with China: Relations cannot be normal without resolving ”

“Relations cannot be normal without resolving border disputes with China”: Foreign Minister S Jaishankar after meeting with Wang Yi

Relations Cannot Be Normal Without Resolving Border Disputes With China
“Border disputes with China: Relations cannot be normal without resolving ” 4

India China: “India wants stable relations with China, but the stability of relations with China can only come after the resolution of the border dispute”Foreign Minister S Jaishankar Indian

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said in a press conference after a three-hour meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi that the issue of border dispute was kept prominent in the talks.

“Work is on to resolve the border dispute. But at a slow pace,” he said.

We talked about the border dispute and Ukraine issues. Stable relations can be formed only after the disputes on the border areas are resolved.

I have conveyed the truth to the Chinese Foreign Minister which is in line with the national spirit. I have told them what are their feelings in India about China.

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India wants stable relations with China but stability in relations with China can come only after the border dispute is resolved.
The Foreign Minister said that international relations should be in accordance with the international law of the United Nations.

Speaking on the relations between China and India, he said that mutual respect is important in relations. He said that there should not be a one-sided change in the current situation.

We shared our views on the Ukraine issue but also said that this issue can be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy. The ceasefire should happen immediately.

Both the foreign ministers met in Delhi at around 11 am today. This is the first high-level visit by a Chinese official to India between the two countries after the violent clash between India and China on the LAC in Ladakh.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi (FM Wang Yi) arrived in India last night on an unannounced visit. This is the first visit of a senior Chinese leader to India after two years of deteriorating relations due to the tension created after the Galwan Valley incident.

Wang Yi had visited Pakistan and Afghanistan before reaching India and is scheduled to leave for Nepal this evening.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi arrived in India on Thursday evening on a high-level visit amid tensions prevailing due to the standoff in eastern Ladakh for the last nearly two years.

Wang Yi, who was on a visit to Pakistan and Afghanistan before coming to India, will leave for Nepal this evening.
This visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister was kept secret from both sides.

No official announcement was made by either side. His arrival in India could only be confirmed by tracking the route of his flight which took off from Afghanistan on Thursday.

According to Reuters, Wang Yi exited the commercial airport and not from the nearby defense facility where most foreign guests land.