Russian chess coach alleges Indian business owes him charges

Evgeniy Solozhenkin

Image Source: RUSSIAN CHESS FEDERATION File picture of Evgeniy Solozhenkin.

Russian chess Grandmaster (GM) Evgeniy Solozhenkin hopes his $610 dues from Indian business ThoughtRoots India Private Ltd for his coaching services is settled at the earliest.

“Just I confirm that cash from the part of (chess coaching platform of ThoughtRoots India) was not gotten. This is the amount of 610 USD,” Solozhenkin informed IANS. The amount will pertain to Rs 45,632 at the present currency exchange rate.

The non-payment of charges by part of ThoughtRoots India, was raised by All India Chess Federation (AICF) Joint Secretary and International Master (IM) Atanu Lahiri just recently.

Lahiri has actually complained to Prime Minister Narendra Modi against AICF signing an arrangement with ThoughtRoots India, accepting share all the data and private info of the Federation with the business.

Part of that grievance was the non-payment of training fees by Nurtr, belonging to ThoughtRoots India, to Solozhenkin, a noted chess coach.

In September 2020, Solozhenkin had actually grumbled to AICF President about the non-payment of about $1,300 by Nurtr for services rendered given that January and sought his aid in getting his payment.

According to Solozhenkin, in October 2020 a modified contract was made with Nurtr based on which, “The payment will be made on every first 2 week of the month for the session conducted on the previous month. If the transfer is delayed, the company will bear an interest of 1.5% each month and 18% every year.”

“The per-hour rates till 31st March 2021 will be addressed as 33 USD. It will be modified from 1st April 2021 to 50 USD per hour,” based on the copy of the revised agreement shared by Solozhenkin with IANS.

According to Solozhenkin, the pending dues of $610 do not consist of the interest element as per the arrangement.

The Russian chess GM said the last payment from Nurtr was made 08.10.2020.

“After that, they promised to be exact and routinely spend for classes monthly,” he said.

Regardless of several efforts by IANS, officials of ThoughtRoots India couldn’t be contacted.

Published at Mon, 19 Jul 2021 03:44:40 -0500