Samsung Galaxy A11 Getting Android 11 Update: Report

Samsung Galaxy A11 is reportedly receiving the Android 11-based One UI 3. 1 update. The update is reported to be rolling out in Panama {at the moment|at this time|right now} {and it is|which is|and it’s also} expected that other regions {will get|are certain to get|can get} the update soon. The Galaxy A11 also receives an updated Android security patch with the update {but it is not|but it isn’t|but it just isn’t|nonetheless it is not|nonetheless it isn’t|nonetheless it just isn’t|however it is not|however it isn’t|however it just isn’t} clear {if it is|if it’s|when it is} {getting the|obtaining the|having the} April or {May|Might|May possibly} 2021 update. {This is the|This is actually the|Here is the} first major OS update for the smartphone {as it was launched|as it premiered|since it was launched|since it premiered|because it was launched|because it premiered} in March 2020 with Android 10 out-of-the-box.

{As per|According to|Depending on} {a report|a written report|a study} by YTECHB, Samsung is updating the Galaxy A11 with One UI 3. 1, {based on|predicated on|centered on} Android 11. {There isn’t|There is not} much known {about the|concerning the|in regards to the} changelog {at the moment|at this time|right now}.

{As per|According to|Depending on} the report, the firmware version for the smartphone is A115MUBU2BUE1 {but the|however the|nevertheless the} size of the update {is not|isn’t|just isn’t} known. {It is|It really is|It’s} still recommended that {the phone is|the telephone is|the device is} updated {while it is|although it is|whilst it is} {connected to|linked to|attached to} {a strong|a solid|a powerful} Wi-Fi connection and is {put on|placed on|wear} charging. {Head to|Check out|Visit} Settings > {Software|Computer software|Pc software} update > {Download|Down load} and install to {manually|by hand} {check for|look for|search for} the update {if you have|when you have|when you yourself have} an eligible handset.

Samsung Galaxy A11 specifications

Samsung Galaxy A11 sports a 6. 4-inch HD+ Infinity-O Display. {It is|It really is|It’s} powered by an unnamed {1 .|1 )|-} 8GHz octa-core processor, paired with 2GB or 3GB of RAM. The smartphone has 32GB of onboard storage {that can be|that may be|which can be} expanded {up to|around|as much as} 512GB {via a|with a|using a} microSD card.

The Galaxy A11 sports a triple rear camera, {that includes|which includes|that features} a 13-megapixel primary sensor {with an|having an|by having an} f/1. 8 lens {along with a|plus a|and also a} 5-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor {with an|having an|by having an} f/2. 2 lens and a 2-megapixel depth sensor {with an|having an|by having an} f/2. 4 lens. For selfies, {there is|there’s|there is certainly} an 8-megapixel primary sensor {with an|having an|by having an} f/2. 0 aperture, placed {inside a|in the|in a very} hole-punch cutout {on the top|at the top|on top} left corner of the screen. Samsung Galaxy A11 packs a 4, 000mAh battery that supports 15W fast charging.

Is Samsung Galaxy F62 {the best|the very best|the most effective} phone under Rs. 25, 000? We discussed this on Orbital, the Gadgets 360 podcast. Orbital {is available|can be acquired|can be obtained} on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever {you get|you obtain|you receive} your podcasts.

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“Wasn’ t Making Any Excuses”: Paine’ s Clarification On “Sideshows” Comment

Australia Test captain Tim Paine, after facing huge backlash for his remarks {against the|contrary to the|from the} Indian team, has issued clarification saying {that he|he} “certainly {wasn’t|was not} making any excuses” for his side’s 2-1 Test series loss against India {earlier|earlier in the day|early in the day} {this year|this season|in 2010}. Speaking at a fund-raiser event for the Chappell Foundation, Paine had said that the Indian team {is very good|is great|is excellent} at “creating these sideshows” which distracted him and his players {during the|through the|throughout the} series. The comments {didn’t|did not} {go down|decrease|drop} well with the Indian fans, {and they|plus they|and so they} took to {social media|social media marketing|social networking} in {large numbers|good sized quantities|vast quantities} to slam the Australian skipper {for making|to make|in making} excuses after his side came short in the enthralling series.

Reacting to the backlash by the Indian supporters, Paine clarified {that he was|he was} asked {about a number of|about an amount of|about a quantity of|in regards to a number of|in regards to an amount of|in regards to a quantity of|of a number of|of an amount of|of a quantity of} things, {including the|like the|such as the} challenges of playing against India and {he|that he} only answered that.

“I was asked {a number of|several|numerous} things, {and one|and something|plus one} {of those was|of these was|of the was} {talking about|discussing|referring to} the challenges of playing against India. {One of them is the|One of them may be the|One of them could be the|One of these is the|One of these may be the|One of these could be the|One is the|One may be the|One could be the} distraction {they can|they are able to|they could} create. {There was|There is|There clearly was} {a lot of|plenty of|lots of} talk {that they|they|which they} weren’t {going to|likely to|planning to} Brisbane. {They’re|They are|They truly are} always changing gloves and {bringing out|offering} physios and all {that can|that may|that will} {get on|can get on|access it} your nerves. Just said {that was|that has been|which was} {one of the|among the|one of many} {things that|items that} probably distracted me and took my eye of the ball {at times|sometimes|occasionally}, ” Paine explained on the Gilly and Goss podcast .

Paine explained that whatever {he|that he} said about India {being a|being truly a|being fully a} deserved winner {because they|since they|simply because they} “simply outplayed us” {didn’t|did not} make the light of {the day|your day|the afternoon} and {he|that he} {ended up|finished up|wound up} being slammed by Indian fans on {social media|social media marketing|social networking}.

“But also, {I did|I did so|Used to do} say {that they|they|which they} simply outplayed us {and that they|and they} deserved to win {but they|however they|nevertheless they} left {that one|that certain|any particular one} out. The Indian fans {have been|have already been|have now been} slamming me on {social media|social media marketing|social networking}. {They say|They state|They do say} that {I’m|I am} making excuses again but it’s all good fun, ” Paine added.

“Absolutely, {I think|I believe|I do believe} {anytime|any time} an Australian captain speaks publicly is gonna to {see the|start to see the|begin to see the} light of {the day|your day|the afternoon}, {there’s no|there is no|there isn’t any} doubt {about that|about this}. Like I said, {it was|it had been|it absolutely was} a wide-ranging interview {for a long period|for an extended period|for an excessive period} of time. I {certainly wasn’t|certainly was not|truly wasn’t|truly was not|undoubtedly wasn’t|undoubtedly was not} making any excuses. I was asked about {some of the|a number of the|a few of the} challenges of {the summer|the summertime|summer time}, and I said {that was|that has been|which was} {one of them|one of these|one} {for me|for me personally}, ” {he|that he} added.

Despite being on the receiving end of {a huge|an enormous|a massive} backlash, Paine said {he|that he} loved the Indian fans and their passion for {the game|the overall game} of cricket.

“I love Indian fans. I {don’t|do not} mind {getting a bit of|getting a little bit of|getting a little|obtaining a bit of|obtaining a little bit of|obtaining a little|finding a bit of|finding a little bit of|finding a little} stick, {particularly when|particularly if|specially when} you deserve. They ripped me off in {the summer|the summertime|summer time} when I dropped those catches, {that was|that has been|which was} totally fair. {I love|I really like|I enjoy} the passion… {I love|I really like|I enjoy} {how much|just how much|simply how much} they love cricket. {I like|I love|I prefer} {how much|just how much|simply how much} they interact. {For some people|For a lot of|For a few people} it’s positive interaction… {most of the|a lot of the|the majority of the} times {they are|they’re|they truly are} {in to|directly into|into} me, but I {don’t|do not} mind that, ” said Paine, praising Indian fans.


Australia began the series with {a massive|an enormous|a huge} win in the Adelaide inside three days but {failed to|didn’t|did not} win {any more|any longer|anymore} matches despite India missing {some of|a few of|a number of} their key players, including skipper Virat Kohli, either {due to|because of|as a result of} unavailability or injuries.

Bouncing {back|right back|straight back} from the humiliating loss in the day-night Test, the visitors won the Boxing Day Test to level the series. India then {managed to|were able to|was able to} draw the Sydney Test battling against all odds {and then|and|after which} finished the series by breaching Australia fortress at The Gabba in Brisbane {to register|to join up} their {second|2nd} consecutive Test series win {Down Under|Right here}.

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