Chemical Free Incense

Satvi wellness presenting 100% Chemical free incense Sticks

Satvi wellness presenting 100% Chemical free incense Sticks

 Satvi wellness, inspired by Ayurveda, Launching Pavana Dhoop Sticks 

Satvi Wellness Presenting 100% Chemical Free Incense Sticks

Satvi wellness, herbal product manufacturer from Kerala launched variety of herbal droop sticks. Dhoopana, fumigation is one of the methods mentioned in Ayurveda to minimize the micro-organism clustering the atmosphere. By adapting this concept Ayurveda doctors of Satvi developed variety of fumigation formula. To keep it more user friendly, team Satvi transformed these herbal combinations to stick form which complimented these exotic combinations enjoyable to all community anywhere any time. In other words, effective conventional practice at convenience. In current scenario the practice of regular fumigation in our active space is highly relevant. Satvi is bringing 100% chemical free and natural dhoop sticks to make it Ecco-friendly. These dhoop sticks emit comparatively less fumes and subtle fragrance of the herbs.


Satvi Pavana dhoop sticks has single herb based as well as combination of multiple natural ingredients. Some of the single ingredient sticks are lavender, vetiver, cinnamon, basil, cedar wood, frankincense. Variety of Combinations are available prepared out of neem, thulasi, lemongrass, turmeric, cinnamon etc.

Herbal Dhoop Sticks

Aparajitha incense sticks, the stick form of an Ayurvedic fumigation powder is also available at Satvi. Though all Pavana dhoop sticks has an impact to control mosquito, Satvi has a specially formulated herbal mosquito control incense stick .Satvi always trying to minimize the use of charcoal in the products , mean time we are producing charcoal free incense sticks also.

Charcoal Free Incense Stick

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